Johnny One Match

Johnny One Match


Johnny One Match is a band that is about making their own path in the world of music. The quartet doesn't follow the trends, but yet has the ability to take everything that is good with music today and craft some of the catchiest, melodic and radio ready songs around.


Johnny One Match was formed after 3 of the four members, Dan, Viv, and Andrew, formerly of Straitlaced, decided to move from Philadelphia to Hollywood, and joined up with new bassist Mike to complete the line up. The guys in Johnny One Match write songs with great melodies, in a style all their own. Their influences are very wide, but their sound is undeniably rock and their songs very radio ready. Their vibe and attitude also sets them apart from the long list of bands out on the scene today. They're not wearing make up or girls jeans, and they sure as hell like to party. Johnny One Match has that certain something that makes everyone who sees them play live know they are going to go very far.

Discography for streaming
their tracks have been played many times on Philadelphia's top rock radio 94.1 WYSP. They have released 3 eps independently and are in the process of recording their 4th.

Set List

they usually play an 8 or 9 song set, which is about 45 minutes to an hour, but they have enough material for a longer show. Johnny One Match only play originals.