Johnny Philko

Johnny Philko


Johnny Philko is a professional Blues/Rock band that specializes in music with a message. Johnny Philko writes and performs songs with a political and or social commentary and also according to the venue plays classic rock songs along the same line.


Johnny Philko is a professional Blues/Rock band that performs mostly at outdoor festivals and occasionally clubs and has a large geographical following across the U.S. and abroad.

Johnny Philko easily fits in with Jam Bands, Raggea, Rock and country artists at all events.


Johnny Philko was previously named The Derelicts and changed the group's name to Johnny Philko when signing on with Isis Records from Sacramento because of a name conflict.

The Names have changes ~ The Derelicts ~ Self release

Songs to Swear By ~ Johnny Philko ~ Isis Records ~ Distribution through City Hall Records.

All songs have recieved streaming and traditional airplay across the country.

Set List

Depending on the venue Johnny Philko can perform all original material for up to two hours, or can perform cover songs for a full four hour night.

Original songs:
One Stormy Night
Painted Window
In Spite of You
The Harbinger
Ruby Ridge
What About me? ( Mr. President)
Shoot me
Hindsight's 20/20
Victim of Society
Stray Dog Stagger

Classic Rock Cover Songs:
Isn’t it a Pity ~ George Harrison
Knocking on Heaven’s Door ~ Bob Dylan
I got a Line on you ~ Spirit
Rocking in the Free World ~ Neil Young
These Boots are made for Walking ~ Nancy Sinatra
Lawyers Guns & Money ~ Warren Zevon
White Rabbit ~ Jefferson Airplane
Rocket Launcher ~ Bruce CockBurn
Middle of the Road ~ The Pretenders
Cortez the Killer ~ Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Folsom Prison Blues ~ Johnny Cash
Tulsa Time ~ Eric Clapton
Working Class Hero ~ John Lennon
Stand By Me ~ John Lennon
Cool Guitar ~
Big Boss Man ~ Grateful Dead
Love me Two tim