Johnny Phrank

Johnny Phrank

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

It's simple: I'm a story teller.


In the neighbourhood of Inglewood on the east side of Nashville, Tennessee lived a family of five - 2 parents and 3 sons. The middle-child amongst those brothers is now 'Trap n B' artist, Johnny Phrank. With artists like Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson and The Isley Brothers to influence him, his style of music is grasped with the vocal melodies of an R&B artist and the lyrical poetry of a man from the trap!

With Johnny Phrank's upcoming project "Flight Risk" set to drop in June, it shows a great ordeal of his life in the streets. Having dealt with misfortune and pressure throughout his life, he is still standing up to deliver great music for grinders on both sides of the law to relate to. Whether it be something to turn the ladies on, a story for the street hustlers to preach to, or the struggle of any man trying to get out of the hood - Phrank is laying down the red carpet for these people in his upcoming project.

In high school, Johnny was well-known for his time on the court - basketball court, that is! Although he was dominant in basketball, his grades were average and therefore couldn't attend the schools that recruited him. This is the reason that Phrank fell back into the streets. Men need to eat and he knew this. That pressure made suitable for illicit activity.

Some albums that may be the ingredients to Johnny Phrank's Trap n B genre are Tupac's "All Eyes On Me" and The Isley Brothers' "The Greatest Hits". If 2Pac and The Isley Brothers weren't good enough, a great role model to the Johnny Phrank sound is Michael Jackson. At the age of 5, a young and inspired Johnny was filmed on home video - dancing to the MJ hit-single, 'Smooth Criminal'. That video would be played at family gatherings on the big-screen all the time. Phrank grew older and became worried about revealing his talent as a singer to his peers in fear of looking weak. But behind closed doors, Johnny's passion for R&B stayed strong, whether he was singing in the shower or just had the house to himself.

The first person to hear the hidden talent Johnny Phrank kept inside of him was his younger brother Alocodaman, who convinced Johnny to pursue a career in music. Throughout the years, Phrank had etched out his craft and stayed strong throughout the deaths of the people close to him. The first producer who showed consistent belief in Johnny's route in music had taken his life away. In a couple years time JP also lost his uncle, a close friend he considered his sister and his childhood friend and basketball teammate who had his life taken away at an early age. With help and encouragement from his little brother, Phrank kept strong on his goals as a singer and also lead to Johnny Phrank and Alocodaman forming TBB (aka Topbound) in 2009. Johnny Phrank is still doing this, not just for himself, but his family and friends too.

Good music is something that even the street can't ignore. With the rise of Trap n B, Johnny Phrank will be sure to pave the way to a new sound/style of Hip Hop and R&B and whether it's a big impact or not, it will be hard to miss and easy to catch onto. Receiving praise and recording music with the likes of Young Buck, Problem, Fred The Godson and Doley Bernays in the span of 4 months, the Nashville native is ready to take flight and is willing to take risks. He will be making sure that people can sing about the struggle, lift people up and keep the spirits high. This is something that the Hip Hop community could use - new direction.



"Dirty Diana" (Produced by Grammy nominated composer Willie B)
"Bitchez From Compton" Feat. Problem
"Pimp C Juice"

Featured on:

"Makin Moves" by Fat Trel


Flight Risk (Released August 12, 2014)