Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band

Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band


JPRB is Alternative Funk Rock Music. With our token matching red suits, we'll put on a show that with make people dance and sing! I'd give the hollywood equation of Weezer, Presidents of the United States of America, and Cake all rolled into one good time.


We were recently reviewed by an independent music site in California. He nailed it on the head. He writes:

Looking like suicidal maniacs attending The Running of The Bulls, Johnny Plastic and the rubber band is as vibrant aesthetically as they are in their music. “We take our music very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously,” is the way they portray themselves, and I get the sense that this is what makes them so much fun to watch. In a world where being a rock star has certain duties and attitudes to live up to, Johnny Plastic is strangely comfortable with being “normal,” which is setting them apart from the competition.

These guys are in it because of their passion and the drive to create something new. This is proven by the fact that the album they have released (and produced all on their own) is something they give away. That’s right: musicians who care enough about producing a quality product for the masses that they aren’t concerned about price. They say it’s on a donation basis and that they have received up to $20 for an album.

These young men are on an adventure: “An epic journey where God spoke and said, “Let there be new music!” How true. It would seem they are a breath of fresh air with a down-to-earth sense of humor, an almost charitable approach to selling music, and a chic sense of style, Johnny Plastic is reminding us of what music is supposed to be: fun.

By Silk
Battle Of The Bands
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We have an EP that we give out at concerts by any price you name, as long as its something. Its professionally replicated, not a burned disk. Local airplay and music streaming on our myspace.

Set List

the names of our songs and set list is as follows:

Shake Dat Founky
Movin on
The Mexico Song
Lemon Scent
The Great Divide
Missing California
Still Young
What do you know?
Actor Man
Johnny's in trouble
El Camino

We are also known to play a few covers including
Secret Agent Man
Must be the Money (Nelly)
Lets get it on (Marvin Gaye)
U can't hold no groove (Victor Wooten)
and a few others