Johnny Punani

Johnny Punani

 Everett, Washington, USA


Johnny Punani Is Basement Rock and Roll band from Seattle Wa. They have a retro sound that derives from their Rockabilly roots, mixed with a bit of 60’s garage and backed by the tounge in cheek lyrics and soothing voice of their singer Ian Voje. The group started in 2007 as a Psychobilly band under the name of The Voodoo Vampyres and opened for major acts such as The Meteors, Frenzy and Mad Sin after a few lineup changes and hiatuses they changed their name to Johnny Punani and broadened their sound. The band is currently a three piece featuring Ian Voje, Kyle Decory and Nick Panchot.

This is a description of the band’s sound written by a Seattle fan-

"It's a California summer, 1965, maybe? The diner parking lot is full of kids gathered around their parents' borrowed Fords, tidy and perfect in their pencil skirts and letterman's jackets. In the far corner of the lot, there's a car that'...s not like the others. It's all dented and dusty, and belongs to that boy, you know the kind I mean? The one that all the other boys skirt around like he's a wild animal who might bite, and all the girls secretly want to kiss, but are too afraid to take home to their parents. Johnny Punani is what's playing on THAT boy's radio." - Jeanne Poremba


Johnny Punani EP

Set List

Teenage Angst
The Creeper
Punani Twist
Coal Heart
Frankenstein Girl
The Way I Walk
Psychotic Reaction
Shot Down