Johnny Rock

Johnny Rock

BandHip Hop

A brand new flavor of hip hop! A kid from the middle of the country mixing all known styles of rap to create "Rock Hop"! Refreshing! New! Moving! Positive messages! You will not regret listening to this stuff!!


I am a solo hip hop artist. The trials I have faced through my life have a deep impact on my music. Both parents struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol. I was homeless for 2 years along with my sisters due to my parents addictions. After this experience, I realized that I needed to spread positive messages to other people in need of guidance! I have a fresh, original sound, that mixes a lot of genres of music. I am a 20 year old white rapper from kansas! That should sell itself!!!


Mixtapes -
"Triumphant" 2008
"Growing Pains" 2009
Upcoming - "Skinny Jeans and Flat Bills" 2010

Set List

I have about 30 recorded songs so the set can be as long as needed up to that amount!