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Johnny Rodes

Copperopolis, California, United States | SELF

Copperopolis, California, United States | SELF
Band Country Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Johnny Rodes is the type of artist that makes you feel young again...."

His works are works of art..the best of the best...the cream of the top...what more can I say that hasnt been said before. Im not a big fan of country but after listening to Johnny's CD, Ive become a HUGE fan of Rodes and Morgan, the dynamic duo of songwriting. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!! - Bill Allen Thomas

"The Johnny Rodes Outlaw Girls Support Johnny Rodes"

With over 200 JROG's, The Johnny Rodes Outlaw Girls stand behind Johnny at all his shows and events. We help promote and support the outlaw of country music. Johnny Rodes does so much to help others and we are proud to be part of the JROG's. - The JROG's - Johnny Rodes Outlaw Girls (c)

"Johnny Rodes is the best..."

I cant tell you enough about Johnny Rodes. He taught me the meaning of talent. He is at home when he is on stage. A special man with the world on his shoulders....

- Renee Nicole Morgan - Manager Johnny Rodes

"Johnny Rodes is exploding."

Stop, Drop and Roll...Johnny Rodes sets your heart on fire. You have got to see a Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band concert and judge for yourself. - Simon Wegstrom - Music Critic

"Johnny Rodes puts a charge in the Electric Ballroom"

Every so often you get the special treat to see a star....Johnny Rodes puts the electricity in the ELECTRIC BALLROOM, Knoxville TN. - Susan T. - The Electric Ballroom, Knoxville, TN

"The New Man in Black"

I have the honor to help this emerging artist in his path to the stars. HE IS THE NEW MAN IN BLACK.

Johnny Cash - Country music icon. - Johnny Cash - 2002

"Heading to the top of the heap"

It was so much fun to record Johnny Rodes and Renee Nicole Morgan's album "Southern Etiquette". As the drummer for Phil Vassar, I play with pros all the time and Johnny Rodes is in that group. You have got to listen to Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band. They are tight, professional and super talented. - Jake Caldwell - Owner Holler Studios - Nashville,TN

"A true proffessional"

There are a few composers who can make your heart beat a little faster, Johnny Rodes is one of them. You have got to see a for yourself. The sound, the beat, the melody and the style sets Johnny Rodes apart. - Lisa Scott - Editor for the Western Mountain Times

"Johnny Rodes really packs them in!!!!"

Ill tell you one thing, Johnny Rodes knows how to delliver the knockout punch. WOW...Watching one of Johnny Rodes concerts will make you a fan for life. - Eve Marie Russell - Tubby's Country Club

"Look out music world, Johnny Rodes is on his way to the top"

My lord, some are blessed a little and some are blessed alot. Johnny Rodes is the definition of talent. Sound, Look, Style and Stories are what sets Mr. Rodes apart from the others. I am proud to call Johnny Rodes my friend.

Richard Soderfield - Richard Soderfield - PHD Music Digest

"Johnny Rodes breaks thru the walls."

Johnny Rodes and the Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band are simply awesome. When Johnny sings we are captivated and waiting for more from the Outlaw of Country. Johnny Rodes is the best...hands down! - Max - I Sound


Southern Etiquette 2004
Renegade 2007
Greatest Hits by Johnny Rodes 2009
Cold Mississippi Rain 2011



When you meet Johnny Rodes, you are struck by the polite power in his voice and manner. Here's a man who could kick your butt up and down Music Row physically and musically, but he is too much of a (Southern) (Country) gentleman for that. He waits until he is onstage to unleash the fury through his high-energy performances. You watch, and you listen to the music, and you are reminded that the outlaw is there, riding shotgun all the time. You are breathing the same intoxicating air as that genre-bending, rule-breaking rebel, JOHNNY RODES. That's right! He has a rebel tattoo on his arm and the South forever tattooed on his heart. Ask him about his epic tune, 28 Miles to Go, and he'll tell you with pride, "The South didn't lose the war , the North went home". Johnny Rodes CD SOUTHERN ETIQUETTE is too new for us to recognize the unique impact it will have on music. Years from now, critics, fans, and music historians will look back on this album and realize that it changed the face of Nashville forever. It is that good. Johnny is the man who's teaching Nashville ,A New Religion, and he's doing it with that same sense of "Southern Etiquette" always asking first, Is That Alright with You? He'll warn you that you are standing on "Unstable Ground, but he'll never leave you feeling hopeless. He'll apologize again for being so honest, I'm So Sorry, and then he'll show you that just "One Step Out of View, just "Over the Horizon,you can see the "Indiana Sun" or feel the California Breeze. Your destiny is not that far off, only "28 Miles to Go. There are many more such albums to come from this man bursting with talent. He has such a vast catalog of quality songs blowing in the wind that Bob Dylan might be calling one day soon to ask, "How many, Rodes"? Johnny makes music the old-fashioned way... he (earns) (learns) (lives) it! Sharing his music on the Internet at over 800 web sites, Johnny shows it's all about the fans. Whether Johnny Rodes posts his songs on iSounds, Myspace or Soundclick -, one thing is certain. Those songs shoot straight to the top of the charts. No hype, no publicity, the songs speak for themselves, and the fans love what they are hearing. Visit Johnny's website, catch one of his shows, buy SOUTHERN ETIQUETTE. You will love what you hear and you will become a Johnny Rodes fan for life. Johnny Rodes was founder and front man for Rebel Rising 2002/2004 Johnny Rodes has a music video titled "28 Miles To Go" which has been called the most intense music video ever done by an Indie artist. It took over 5 days to film on an actual Civil War battleground with 100 actors, horses, cannons and much more. The video was Co-Produced and Co-Directed by Johnny Rodes and Renee Nicole Morgan. Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band will be blazing a trail across the country in 2007. Johnny has been compared to Kid Rock, Skynyrd and Trace Adkins in a blender.. its quite a mix of rock to country all in the same show.. The ground shakes, hearts beat faster and you feel as if you are ringside to the best show on earth when you have seen and heard a JROB concert.. With the intense sound that Johnny Rodes brings, you will be numb when you leave.. Guitar driven sound that explodes live!!! Johnny Rodes now has fan club members in 47 different countries as of Jan 2005 and the backing of over 600 Johnny Rodes Outlaw Girls around the globe. Johnny Rodes is originally from California and now calls Nashville his home.. Come out and see the Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band in person and be prepared to be thrilled!
Facts about Johnny Rodes: Johnny Rodes is single and was raised in California. He has no kids and one dog named Lil Bit. He has over 300 songs now to his credit along with 2 screenplays and a novel. Johnny Rodes has 2 music videos to date and 2 more on the way. His Johnny Rodes Outlaw Girls have been by his side for the past 3 yrs and the group is growing everyday. Johnny Rodes supports models and other artists along the way as he climbs the ladder of country music. He has been compared to many artists but has an unique style all his own.. With his "In your face" attitude and "stick by your friends motto", Johnny Rodes stands alone.
Nominee for the 2007 Indie Music Awards

Johnny Rodes writes and performs all his own songs. All the lyrics and music are written by Johnny Rodes.