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1998 - Filtered Souls "Family Business"
1999 - Johnny Rourke "Great White Hope"
2000 - Johnny Rourke "WhiteOut"
2001 - Raven Simone "Undeniable"
2002 - Johnny Rourke "Another Episode"
2003 - Hip-HopStory DVD "The Movie"
2003 - Mr.Shadow "Keepin' It Street"
2003 - Mr.Lil'One "Sickosylum"
2004 - Mr.Lil'One "Keep It Clean"
2004 - Hip-HopStory2 DVD "Dirty South"
2004 - 'Something's Gotta Give' (Soundtrack)
2005 - Mega City HipHop DVD
2005 - Naughty 13 "Highz & Lowz"
2005 - Bobby Troublez "Troublez I Seen"
2006 - T-Dot's "The Truth" DVD
2007 - Mr.Shadow "Respect"
2007 - Wyzeguys Productions Presents "The Stand-Off" Lp
2008 - P.Moody Presents - "Men Of Honor" MixTape
2008 - Gemz Presents - "Streets Are Cold" MixTape
2009 - Johnny Rourke "Nice Guys Finish Last"
2009 - The In Crowd - "Up In The Clouds" MixTape
2010 - Rider "Loyalty"
2010 - 5150 - "Laid To Rest" MixTape
2010 - Johnny Rourke "DamagedGoods"



Johnny Rourke, aka. John Dough, is the next big thing to come out of the hotbed of talent that is Toronto, Canada. He is Hip-Hop's alternative to meaningless music and his lyrics and delivery will bring purpose back into the mainstream scene. Johnny Rourke’s music has attitude and emotion. It has the power and infectious melodies that will inspire a cult-like following.

Johnny Rourke started out, like most emcees, as a b-boy, dancing in neighborhood crews and battling for props and respect. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, he soon moved to the metropolis of Toronto. His love of Hip-Hop music and culture gradually transcended him into the art of rapping over beats. He excelled at everything he ever did and he soon found label’s courting him. Johnny’s first record deal took him across Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver, and then eventually into the United States, where he perfected his craft on the stages and in the studios of Los Angeles.

One deal turned into another and Johnny Rourke found himself living the “Rap Life” in plush Hollywood homes and studios for a few years. This talented emcee made his bones and earned his Hip-Hop credentials in California, rubbing elbows with music moguls and celebrities on a daily basis. There was no doubt that Johnny Rourke was on the path to success and it led him through many business ventures and entertainment deals.

This is the heart of aggressive and artistic expression through music. Johnny Rourke is a born lyricist and entertainer. He has recorded music and performed with Hip-Hop icons, King T, Birdman, Grandmaster Caz, Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, Kid Frost, Raven Symone, DJ Pooh, RasKass, Raheim of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and also worked alongside rising stars like Baby Bash, Lil Uno, Mr.Shadow, Jordan Croucher, Classified, Bad Azz, Tha Lowlifes and many more.

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