Johnny's Landing

Johnny's Landing


Drums, guitars and 1 singer: the holy trinity according to the members of Johnny's Landing. To us, music is about hard work and writing perfect songs. In less than a year, this work ethic brought us many great shows at great places such as Paradiso and Heineken Music Hall. And we're hungry for more.


We've been together for a small year but we've played with the likes of Five O'Clock Heroes, 1990s and Razorlight. How do we do it?


Koninginnenach Bandverkiezing 2007 Multisingle
1. Blue
2. Celia (Live @ Stork on Air)

Tividor 2006 Recording Sessions (aka the demo)
1. Right of Way
2. Muse
3. Celia
4. How to be Good

Set List

As We Sailed Out
Cry Baby
Two Princes
Right of Way
How to be Good
Vixen and the Vagabond
Back at the start

This set takes up approx. 45 minutes to an hour.

Our covers consist of This is Love by PJ Harvey and Arizona by Kings of Leon.