Johnny Stimson

Johnny Stimson


This band will blow you away. They know how to groove and we know how to leave people with shocked looks on their faces. The mix of funk and dance into extremely catchy pop songs is a winner. Everyone leaves with a smile and a toe that taps ALL DAY LONG.


Johnny Stimson is a talented, stylish 23-year-old breath of fresh air in the modern pop world. His often-sensitive-sometimes-gritty voice is flexible and expressive and his often complex melodies complement his lyrics and his unique style. The music also has that rare gift of cloud nine; almost without knowing you’ll succumb to his natural optimism finding your spirit has risen since hitting play.

It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a new artist–smart lyrics, a true musician, a toe-tappingly-good vibe, something that will surpass the test of time. Johnny Stimson has all of that. He’s energetic and exciting, he switches styles without seeming disjointed, and exhibits the skills of a fantastic new vocalist and songwriter.

With influences ranging from The Beatles to Michael Jackson to The Strokes, Johnny’s upbeat style puts a fresh spin on classic vinyl sound. The cheerful, more-than-meets-the-ear music features close-knit vocal harmonies, varying instruments, and (as his official biography will explain) more hooks than a Peter Pan prop auction! Johnny Stimson is an incredibly dynamic performer whose ability to just flat out deliver a killer performance is hard to match these days. A welcome surprise.


Johnny Stimson - EP 2010
All That I See - EP 2011
A Million Years - Single 2012