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"Johnny Stimson: A Million Years (Official Video)"

From every direction, society bombards us with romantic movies, “I love you forever” candy hearts, and “LuvU2? text messages from teenagers who don’t understand what the word really means. And then, once in a great while, we see or hear something that not only sends a clear, brilliant message, but which does so with great hooks, tasty harmonies, and voices that melt your heart. “A Million Years” is that once-in-a-great while song, and from a once-in-a-great-while artist, Johnny Stimson.

I’ve often said in these pages that there are lots of artists I like, and a few that I love, but in my entire 33 years of musical existence, there has never been an artist like Johnny–someone I would go to bat for even if I didn’t have a vested interest. I am a believer that Johnny Stimson is it, and that the entire world will shortly see that. His latest single, “A Million Years,” which is also available on iTunes and Spotify, is the perfect demonstration why. His songs are catchy. His voice is comforting. His beat rocks you. His songs aren’t just good, they’re the kind you want to hear every hour on the radio or see two movie stars fall in love to. He is someone you won’t regret paying $300 to see–even though he’s still playing in clubs with a $10 cover (though not for long, to be sure).

As for the video, if you’ve ever fallen in love along the sunset, you’ll be able to relate not just to it, but to the youthful essence of Stimson and his duet vocals partner Jillian Edwards. Whether strumming alongside another with acoustic guitars or picturing your future in an unfinished new neighborhood, everyone who’s been in love will understand, as Johnny says,” a euphoric feeling of spending the day with someone you love. Nothing else really matters you them. Or to me for that matter.” And right now, the only thing that should matter to you is to get on this train before it leaves the station. “A Million Years” might be Johnny’s Valentine’s gift to our ears this year, but the next stop is the entire country falling in love with this one of a kind artist. - Kick Kick Snare

"Escape with Kick Kick Snare Emerging Artists"

What? You’ve never heard of Kick Kick Snare? Well, Kick Kick Snare is an online resource for artists, hot music videos, daily downloads and tour announcements. Its goal is to keep you in the know, with fun and fresh music.

We heard some great music in Texas, thanks to Brent Burns and rest of the fine folks at Kick Kick Snare. They introduced us to Matthew Dear, a man who belongs to no one genre, blending house, electronica, dance, DJ and pop for his own sound. The group Body Language, opening for Dear on tour, has a new “dancy, disco, collegiate” album coming out later this year. Jazzy, bluesy female artists more your style? You’ll be able to really appreciate the unique qualities of ZZ Ward’s voice on the 2013 Ford Escape sound system; every note is clean, clear and crisp. And Kick Kick Snare’s own personal musical crush, Johnny Stimson, who's every song is infectious, well-written and totally radio-worthy.

So how does music sound in the new Ford Escape? We asked each of the acts that very question. No matter what the genre – electric, acoustic, dance, club or pop – They loved how great their music sounded in the 2013 Escape! Visit the Kick Kick Snare YouTube channel to view more videos of the artists and the 2013 Ford Escape.

We’re not surprised. Ford engineers tested quite a variety of music on the Escape sound system to be sure they got the sound quality just right. The bass isn’t muddy or dull. Tone is balanced, and lead vocals and backup singers hit the right depth of sound. But don’t just take our word. “It’s bumpin’,” according to members of Body Language. “Lots of bass, lots of clarity,” said Dear.

Sounding good is only part of the equation. Available SYNC® with MyFord Touch® lets you do so much with your favorite music. It features an eight-inch LCD center touch screen, and a four-inch LCD cluster screen for easy song title and playlist viewing, dual USB ports and Wi-Fi® capability. And simple voice commands or the touch of a button controls it all!

The new Escape’s hands-free liftgate makes it easy to load and load your gear, whether you packing up for your next gig or hitting the road to catch your favorite Kick Kick Snare artist live. Just tap the underside of the rear bumper with your foot for easy access. Johnny Stimson even gave an impromptu concert in the shade of an Escape lift gate – “it’s just awesome” he raved.

Don’t forget to check out what Kick Kick Snare artist have to say (and play) on YouTube featured at the top of this page. You might even spot one of the Kick Kick Snare artists doing a live acoustic set from inside a 2013 Ford Escape!

To learn more about the 2013 Ford Escape, visit
- Ford Social

"Johnny Stimson At Live At Aloft Hotels Music Festival"

Aloft Hotels put emerging artists in the spotlight on Oct. 19–20 during the inaugural Live at Aloft Hotels: 50 Days of Music festival at the hotel's downtown Dallas location.

Supported by opening act Kao Ho & Bean, hometown favorite Johnny Stimson kicked off the two-day celebration with an intimate headlining set. Stimson delivered seven solid songs, including his popular ukulele-driven "Penny," with a sound as fresh as his megawatt smile.

Giving Stimson a guitar and a microphone is like watching your best friend sing songs you already know, but with words that describe Stimson's deeply personal experiences. Having just completed a tour across the Gulf Coast states, Stimson shared, "The tour has been incredible. I am just so happy to be playing music for people every day. But there's really nothing like coming home, and I am really happy to be playing for my hometown crowd."

As he continued through his set, an onstage screen reflected visuals of fans live-tweeting their praise for the singer. At one point, Stimson invited his longtime bandmate Matt Puckett onstage to play fiddle during "Someone I Used To Know." But it was when he played a new song, "Here We Go Again," that he brought the house down as he danced with his guitar and had the crowd singing along to a hook they just learned.

Stimson captured the audience's heart with performances of "A Million Years," his latest single, and the intimate ballad "New Shoes." His songs are an elegant blend of detail and naked romanticism, with the theatrical yet sincere vulnerability of great pop. As his set continued with a closing performance of the clap-along tune "Hello Yellow," an intense energy emanated from the crowd, turning the night into a boisterous coronation of sorts.

The Live at Aloft Hotels festival featured additional performances by blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Martin Harley, British rock/pop collective the Dunwells and edgy indie chanteuse Meiko.

Set List
"New Shoes"
"A Million Years"
"Only One"
"Someone I Used To Know"
"Here We Go Again"
"Hello Yellow" -


Johnny Stimson - EP 2010
All That I See - EP 2011
A Million Years - Single 2012



Johnny Stimson is a talented, stylish 23-year-old breath of fresh air in the modern pop world. His often-sensitive-sometimes-gritty voice is flexible and expressive and his often complex melodies complement his lyrics and his unique style. The music also has that rare gift of cloud nine; almost without knowing you’ll succumb to his natural optimism finding your spirit has risen since hitting play.

It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a new artist–smart lyrics, a true musician, a toe-tappingly-good vibe, something that will surpass the test of time. Johnny Stimson has all of that. He’s energetic and exciting, he switches styles without seeming disjointed, and exhibits the skills of a fantastic new vocalist and songwriter.

With influences ranging from The Beatles to Michael Jackson to The Strokes, Johnny’s upbeat style puts a fresh spin on classic vinyl sound. The cheerful, more-than-meets-the-ear music features close-knit vocal harmonies, varying instruments, and (as his official biography will explain) more hooks than a Peter Pan prop auction! Johnny Stimson is an incredibly dynamic performer whose ability to just flat out deliver a killer performance is hard to match these days. A welcome surprise.