Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights

Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights


Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights deliver a hyped up, amphetamine-fueled punch of Rock'N'Roll. Sleazy, raucous and always tongue in cheek, they'll tell you to go to hell, and have you asking for directions before the night is done.


Formed in the summer of 2002, by four guys who found a mutual appreciation for Rock'N'Roll, Sex, and Drugs, Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights have become a musical juggernaut that no one could have least not from these four yahoos. Johnny And Xmas had been in bands all through their teens, but had drifted apart after high school - Xmas to deejaying, and Johnny to the commercial fishing industry in the North Atlantic. After an accident at sea that found him stranded in the frigid waters off of Newfoundland for 46 hrs, Johnny returned home to regroup, deciding that the ocean had given him a warning. Back home in New York, he met Dave, a former pro basketball player (european league), who kept hounding him to get together and jam. It was around this time that Xmas had returned from Ibiza, and the two ran into each other while "waiting for the man" one night. Xmas also hounded Johnny about putting something together, and so the band was born. A few guitarists later, and Jimmy Sunshine entered, and the band's line up was completed. Unlike other so called, "Rock" bands, these guys really did grow up listening to Rock'N'Roll. They remember a time when Nirvana didn't exist, and it shows in their music, a no nonsense, down and dirty Rock'N'Roll onslaught that has claimed more than a few heads. Since forming, Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights have lived up to a hectic gig schedule that has seen them play up and down the east coast, as many as 260 shows a year. They've shared the stage with bands like, Danzig, Murphy's Law, Georgia Sattelites, Unseen, The Virus, The Casualties, Buck Cherry, Gogol Bordello, and many more.


"A Tribute to Roky Erikson" comp. Evil Cheerleader Prod. 2006
"Ruin It For Everyone" LP Hangmen Records 2005
"Cock Of The Walk" EP CADA Records 2004
"Runaround" CD Single CADA records 2004

Set List

The typical set is an extremely high energy one, lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (depending on what's required) and consists primarily of originals, although the boys are known to toss out a few covers here and there, from the likes of Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, The Misfits, Fear, Motorhead, Mew York Dolls, and Muddy Waters.