Johnny Who

Johnny Who


A unique, yet recognizable pop/rock sound that manages to be catchy, upbeat, and intelligent.


With backgrounds spanning, quite literally, across the globe - from the heart of Eastern Europe to Canada, from the beaches of Hawaii to the heart of Texas - the members of Johnny Who have come a long way to arrive in Austin, Tx - The Live Music Capital of the World. Call it Fate, Dumb Luck, or just plain Rock, but these guys are keenly aware of the opportunity they've found together.

Formed in early 2007, Johnny Who confidently emerges as a new name in the Austin music scene. Taking their monikers directly from their own personalities and styles, Johnny Who is: Jason Harrell, a.k.a. "9 to 5 Johnny", on vocals/guitars, Milan Sretenovic, a.k.a. "Outta Town Johnny", on lead guitars, Casey Elsass, a.k.a. "1 Foot Johnny" on Bass, and Alex Tanton, a.k.a. "Slapshot Johnny" on Drums.

With a unified sense of passion for the music they create, their potential is limitless. Whether you catch a live show, or hear one of their most recently recorded studio tracks, Johnny Who aims at leaving a permanent impression upon all those who come across them. Without sacrificing musicianship and the integrity of their own art, making and keeping fans is this band's number one priority.

Names are not important. But if they were...

"We're Johnny Who. Who are you?"



Written By: Jason Harrell

Cold steel, like a secret,
So close I can feel it
My body makes a movement
For a moment there is regret
Pour another ounce of concrete
Wrong way down the wrong street
Most men are only half-breeds,
But you are more, now, I must concede

I can't believe you treated me this way
Left bleeding here, while you just walk away
With trembling hands together as I pray
No, I can't believe you treated me this way

Watchin' you write the ending
No signs of repenting
My heart fills with envy
Only thing left within me
Climax, now, is long gone
All that's left is a sad song
Credits roll, turn the lights on
Although I'll die here, you will live on

I can't believe you treated me this way
Left bleeding here, while you just walk away
With trembling hands together as I pray
No, I can't believe you treated me this way

If I had a choice, you'd come with me
If I had a choice, it'd be you, not me

She Don't Know

Written By: Jason Harrell

Whatever she don't know
We whisper it so low
The party, a no-show
Whatever she don't know
Wherever she might be
I try not to worry
Like it don't concern me
Wherever she might be


Written By: Jason Harrell

I will not make it home this year
First time in my 23 years
I can't explain it
No one can change it
So I've been sittin' here all night
Tryin' to make sense of my life
But it's not workin'
I think it's broken

I really doubt my fairy tale
Will ever help you fall asleep
And even if they tried to tell it well
My story won't be remembered easily

Dad says Jesus wants my soul
But the Devil just won't let it go
I'm unforgiven
But I'm dealin' with it
She says, "Do the best you can,
For you shall not pass this way again."
For that I'm thankful
It's just too painful


The CG Recordings, 2007
"Betrayal", 2007
"She Don't Know", 2007

Set List

Typically we play 9-11 songs, consisting of all originals, during a 1-hour set, but we have enough material for approximately a 90-minute, all-original set. Adding in covers, we can cover 2 and a half hours.