Johnny Yellowheel

Johnny Yellowheel


Johnny Yellowheel and the High Plains Rifters. Inner Tribal Music for the Soul. David Crosby meets David Bowie meets Pink Floyd.


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Hey Johnny, have always thought your talent and imaginative songs are simply amazing and finally got a moment to give you a shout out. Our girls are just starting out and have been listening to your tunes. It is my hope that they may someday attempt to emulate the passion it requires to produce quality music. Thanks so much for making your material available. Love, Susie, Mike, and the girls.


posted on Thu August 16, 2007
"Hey Johnny, loved "Night Rider". What an incredible groove, Rock on!!
Peace and Waves, Tom

AllJams posted on Sun August 12, 2007
i like your music it is original and some of the best i have heard in awhile

All Jams

I'm turning into posted on Sun August 5, 2007
"momma don't dance" got me going. kinda Bowie/Iggy Pop vocal thing going on, stooges vibe. keep up the good work. rock on!

"momma don't dance is extradinary music i am impressed i love it allot thank u for sharing this kinda music with the world".


"Just heard"Momma don't dance" and "Cho's ghost". Great tracks, haunting rythms with exceptional guitar work. Drop me a line sometime".
Tom Buckley
Mischievious Tremor

"You are unreal...." dee
posted by deeallen99

"Thanks for the compliment. Your stuff is amazing. Really professional sounding and you've got some great songs. Keep 'em coming!"

The Trouts

"Hi Johny!! I'm listening to "Momma Don't Dance'---and liked it. Sound like music on the radio. From the lead vocals, effects, guitar play, background voice....nicely arranged. I could picture myself listening to it while driving pass the desert to Las Vegas. Great music!!"

Best regards,


"Definitely Hot - David Crosby meets David Bowie - meets Floyd. If mushrooms and mescaline don't scare you - then "Mama Don't Dance." gonna put it on my Sansa. Brilliant".

dave1 Abstract

"Just Listening to Your Mamma Don't Dance. I love the solo work... the song just lays right in that slow groove and keep's moving... great job guys..."

remyLtNite The Cohorts


From our CD - "Unreasonable Facsimile"

Time Will Come
Momma Don't Dance
Cho's Ghost
Little Li Lo
Take Yourself Down
Salsa Festivo
Free Ride
Night Rider
Bag Full O Hammers
Lumpy's Mating Rituals of the Ancestors

Set List

Set One:
Momma Don't Dance
Cho's Ghost
Little Li Lo
Take Yourself Down
Prophets for Profits
Night Rider
Trade of all Jacks
Blue Star Sailor

(72 Minutes)

Set 2:
Salsa Festivo
Tuesday Blue
Rock Me Down the Ages
Free Ride
Mystery Train
Bag Full O Hammers
Fade Away
Mortals Like Me
River Run Dry

(72 minutes)