Johnny Zachman is a passionate performer with the perfect blend of jazz, folk, rock, jam, tribal and singer/songwriter music. His melodies are both unique and memorable, the guitar work quick and unparalleled, the songs carefully crafted but with the opportunity for improvisation always available.


- Trained in classical guitar for eleven years by Gerry Zubko, the renowned teacher (most notably) of Umphrey's McGee's Jake Cinninger, Johnny wrote his first song, "Running to the Light," in the winter of 2001, when he was just 15. He began performing regularly by himself in 2002, and his song catalog now includes over 80 original compositions for guitar and voice. His unique hybrid of jazz, singer/songwriter, jam, folk, tribal, and alternative music earned Johnny impressive attention and respect from media and venue owners around the Indiana area – and his style has only become more refined with each new song. Overwhelming responses from fans prompted Johnny to record his first full-length studio album, "Completely." Here is a brief review of the album (from CDBaby):
Recorded in the fall of 2007, "Completely," is the first full-length studio effort from acclaimed singer-songwriter Johnny Zachman. The album displays Johnny's strong voice, incredible poetry and unique guitar style, which have met with impressive reviews whenever put on display. The songs on "Completely" were written over the last five years, and were selected for the album based on their themes. Rather than cutting the songs into radio-friendly tracks, Johnny kept the structures as they are played live, letting you hear the songs and improvisations the way that they are meant to be heard. The album showcases Tom Nania and Joe Sullivan, Johnny's favorite musical partners, on lead guitar and saxophone, respectively. Gerry Zubko, Johnny's guitar teacher all the way since childhood, is also featured on the album's title track. The result is a unique blend of jazz, rock and folk music that simply must be heard.
“Completely” was released nationally and has had remarkable success especially online through the iTunes digital music store.
Johnny graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May of 2009 and moved to Ithaca, New York in order to pursue his hopes of performing and writing full-time, knowing that there was a limit to how much he could achieve while living in South Bend.
While Johnny has experienced notable success in the studio, his specialty is live performance. Fans are constantly treated to energy and enthusiasm unparalleled in a solo performer, as well as an extreme amount of variety from set to set. With over eighty originals and one hundred covers to draw from (including songs by: independent bands such as The National, Andrew Bird, and Iron & Wine; contemporary rock bands such as Wilco, Radiohead, David Gray, U2, and the Dave Matthews Band; and classic songwriters such as The Beatles, The Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, and Paul Simon), Johnny is able to ensure that each show is a unique and refreshing experience for all, whether it’s your first time or fiftieth time seeing him. The only thing that stays constant is the passion.
The songs you are hearing are a mix from the CD "Completely" and a new EP composed of four more songs, recorded live in studio this August to best demonstrate to venue promoters exactly how his music sounds live. He hopes that you enjoy it!
For questions, comments, or booking information, please email him at or call him at (574) 229-2470. Thank you so much for visiting!



"Completely" (2008)
"Forever Lost" (2003)


"A Moment To Breathe" (2008)

Set List

A typical setlist includes between eighteen to twenty-one songs with the option for an encore. This would include about 3-4 covers per show, depending on the venue. Here is an example of a setlist from the August 8, 2009 show: (artists for covers are in italics)

Summer '03, Abby, The Way It Sounds, A Verse For You (Tom Nania), The Porch On Angela, Trespassing, Bowl Of Oranges (Bright Eyes), One Letter At A Time, Geneva, Apartment Story (The National), Yogi Tea, Next Broken Glass, In Tune, A Moment To Breathe, Black Eye (Uncle Tupelo), Red Wine #13, Please Forgive Me (David Gray), When We First Met, (E:) West Beach.

Of course, Johnny is always happy to play for longer, though usually after 21 songs a short set break is required somewhere in the show.