John Parker & Forced Call

John Parker & Forced Call


John Parker & Forced Call is a "House Rockin" Blues band that will make you leave your seat and get up on your dancin' feet. Their high energy style is something you won't soon forget. Their music & stage Presence is a real crowd pleaser and it's really a "must" to see them in person!


Forced Call's John Parker is the leader and driving force behind the popular LA group. All the group's members have much more in common than just the love of great "Hot Rock & Blues" music - they are all Union brothers and work in the Film and Television Industry as well.

Five years ago, when they originally got together to play at a "JAG" wrap party, the band never anticipated the popularity they are currently enjoying.

John & Forced Call have performed at the following music festivals:
Redondo Beach Pier Summer Concert Series (4 yrs)
Santa Clarita Valley Blues Festival
Write 4 Hope Blues Festival
Blues For The Cause Festival
Ride Across America
South Bay Navy Days
Calimigos Ranch Concerts (5 Yrs)
Lake Elizabeth Music Festival
Celebration on The Hill
Ventura Art Walk
Orange County Cultural Fair
Ventura Street Festival
Beach Cities Summer Spectacular
Lousiana Lovesong Benefit
San Clemente Fiesta
Santa Clarita Valley Relay For Life
North Hollywood Relay For Life
Burbank Relay For Life
Beach Cities Relay For Life

They've also played at some great showrooms:
The Sunset Room
The White Lotus
BB King's Blues Club
The Sportsmans' Lodge
The Highlands Club
Arcadia Blues Club
The Pearl Room

And of course, they've performed at numerous Film and Television Union events and wrap parties. A couple of years ago, John & Forced Call had the opportunity to open for The Beach Boys at their LA concert.

The band absolutely loves playing at the big outdoor events - some of our crowds have been from 8,000 to 12,000 people. "What an adrenaline rush that is!!"

John Parker & Forced Call is more than just a group of musicians who love to play together. The individual talents of each member have a lot of history...

John Parker was raised in the Santa Cruz area, playing for hire at age 14. He grew up loving the sounds of Django Reinhardt, BB King, Freddie King and Buddy Guy. A score of bands later, he wound up in the Atlanta, Georgia music scene where he found the blues calling. Now, he's back in California playing what he loves about Georgia the most - "the Blues". Respectable names he's had the pleasure to perform with include Chicago Bob Nelson, Big Joe Jackson, Butch Travette & the Alley Cats, the Late Piano Red, Tinsley Ellis, Delbert McClinton and Doug Kershaw. He's opened for Juice Newton, Eric Burdon, Bobby Bear and Coco Montoya.

Danny Costello is originally from New Jersey and began playing at age 13. His early influences were Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Johnny Winter. Their great technique and use of raw emotion was a great inspiration to Danny as he was moving on in his career and performing with members of Toto and Joe Cocker. Danny has also been privileged to open for Edgar Winter, B.J. Sharp, Dick Dale and Three Dog Night.

Steve Halter started playing piano at age 5 and worked as a full time session player/arranger for over 20 years. Steve grew up under the influence of the old time Rock & Roll piano and organ players like Jimmy Smith. When it's time for his solo, he just closes his eyes, feels the vibe and let's his soul take over.

Tom Costello also hails from New Jersey. His early influences were The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Toto and drummers Jeff Pocaro and John Bonham. Tom's had the good fortune to work with such great artists as Ike & Tina Turner, The DiFranco Family, Christopher Cross, Eddie Money, Rick Springfield, The Elton John Band, Joe Cocker and Jace.

Brian Dunnagan was born in New York to Kentucky parents who exposed him to a family full of Bluegrass Musicians and he started playing guitar at a young age. In his teens, he fell in love with the Bass and he switched from 6 strings to 4. His influences are Cream, Jim Hendrix, John Mayall and Tommy Shannon and he studied with Tim Bogert and Bunny Brunel. He's spent his time in the So Cal music scene playing blues, rock and country and has opened for Joe Diffie, Tammy Wynette and Ricky Van Shelton.

The Band's first cd "Off the Clock" was released in January, 2005 and has a little something for everyone; blues, rock and a little country gospel, all wrapped up in their own unique sound.

John has just put the finishing touches on his own new "Self Titled" Cd which will have a January 2008 Release and now is also in the midst of laying down some new Blues Instrumentals for another CD that should have a Spring Release. He is also preparing some new songs so he and Forced Call can go back into the studio during the Summer of 2008 and cut their second cd. "We have some great new songs and can't wait for the rest of the world to hear them. It should be released in the Winter of 2008". And with all this going on, for this talented group of union brothers, is nothing short of spellbinding!


Things Are Gonna Be Different

Written By: John A. Parker

You say you don’t love me
Then why don’t you leave
It’s clear you don’t need me
Then why don’t you leave
Pack up all your things baby
And go on and hit the road
Because things are gonna be different
Now that I found another girl

I don’t care if you stay or go
I just want you to know I can’t give her up
Before you make up your mind
Spend a little time and think about
What you’re gonna do home all alone baby
While me and my gal are out on a date
Because things are gonna be different
Now that I’ve found another girl

Just another girl’s night out
You was out and about
I know you were cheatin
You can’t fool me baby
I’ve seen and heard enough
Go on and pack your stuff and get to leavin
Careful not to let that door hit you in the ass
Because things are gonna be different
Now that I’ve found another girl
That’s the last time you do me like that
I’m out of here
Se la vie baby
And ta ta………..

When I Reach My Destination

Written By: John A. Parker

I’ve had my share of hard times
And I’ve made a lot of friends
Gotta a good woman who stood by me
Through thick and through thin
And when I reach my destination
I’ll be with Jesus and our old friends

I know you’re gonna miss me
I’m missin’ you tonight
Just whisper I love you
And it will be alright
And when I reach my destination
I’ll be with Jesus and our old friends

I’ll look up some old family
I’ll catch up with old friends
I’ll ask how they’re doin’
And I’ll tell them how we’ve been
And the places that we’ve seen
The family we’ve raised together
The love we’ll forever share
And those memories

Well, I’ll look up some old family
I’ll catch up with old friends
I’ll ask how they’re doin’
And I’ll tell them how we’ve been
And the places that we’ve seen
The family we’ve raised together
The love we’ll forever share
And those memories

I’ve gotta say so long
But this ain’t goodbye
We’re only here for a visit
Til we learn to fly
And when I reach my destination
I’ll be with Jesus and our old friends

I’m right there beside you baby
Every step of the way

City Nights

Written By: John A. Parker

It’s a dark and scary night
No moon, just neon lights
You could cut the tension with a knife
Just another city night
All around are glarin’ eyes
Some afraid of anger
Some lookin’ for a fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right
Someone in this town is goin’ down tonight
City Nights…………City Nights

Another brother bites the dust
They say he shot first and then he jumped
The papers carry a different tale
He was pushed over the rail
Street justice is the law of the land
The law will tell you it’s out of their hands
This city is out of control
Tonight’s special is terror on a roll
City Nights ………….City Nights

Roll the dice, you’ve got nothing to lose
Go on and take a chance and lose these New York Blues

City Nights…………City Nights

A single mother working late
Tryin’ to make a few bucks chasin’ down dates
Pushers in the doorways sellin’ short life
The city is awake, she never sleeps at night
Nowhere to hide, no runnin’ away
No one you can call who cares anyway
You’ve got to play the hand that you’re dealt
Tryin’ to get out is like climbing out a well
City Nights……..City Nights………City Nights………City Nights


"Off The Clock" - Parker/Costello 2005
1) No Place Left To Hide
2) City Nights
3) So Good So Bad
4) The Only Thing
5) Rock N Roll
6) Things Are Gonna Be Different
7) Red White And Blue
8) Walkin Out on You
9) The Truth Will Set You Free
10) When I Reach My Destination

"Off The Clock" is currently on sale at CDBABY and for download at numerous sites including BROADJAM and ITUNES. It is enjoying well recieved airplay in different areas of the US and Europe.

Set List

John Parker & Forced Call's Master Song List

Note - This list varies with venue and amount of playing time alloted. For a two hour concert, we will play for the full two hours. For several sets, we usually play a long first set (one and a half to two hours), then the second set will be one hour and so on. For a Festival setting with limited time, we perform our best songs to showcase our music. We often mix the songs up within the sets depending on our audience.

John Parker & Forced Call has plenty of our own original songs to play for almost 2 hours. Our original set will consist of songs from "Off The Clock" as well as these new songs from John's soon to be released "Self Titled" CD:

Forget All Your Fears - John Parker
A Man In Love - Danny Costello
Hopeless Romance - John Parker
Queen of the Damned - John Parker
City Nights - John Parker
New Car - John Parker
Things Are Gonna Be Different - John Parker
My Valentine - John Parker
The Price Of Fame - John Parker