John Paul Drum & Bill Dye

John Paul Drum & Bill Dye


Intimate Ol' Time Blues, Jazzy Rags, Western Swing & Novelties


With a mixture of delta blues, early jazz, western swing and some novelty numbers, John Paul Drum & Bill Dye intensify America’s musical form from it’s roots. Harkening back to great duo settings ala; Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, Cephis & Wiggins, Buddy & Junior, The Delmore Brothers, etc..the fellas just make music out of air. Guitar, harmonica and vocals (& maybe a kazoo or two) harken back to a time before the bloated over-amplyfied blues bands. In a more intimate take on music, these two musicians bring more feel, soul and fun to their comfy stage than most bands. Call it acoustic or semi-acoustic, front porch or back porch, it really doesn’t matter as the music contains elements of both. From Fats Waller to Bukka White to western swing’s Sunshine Boys, John Paul Drum & Bill Dye plays American music as it should be played; for real.
Bill has around 35 years of playing experience in various bands through the years. John Paul has twenty years as a band leader and front & sideman experience. The duo also perform in a 4-5 piece roots band with bass & drums; John Paul's Flying Circus.


The Duo so far have only been recorded in the studio for a track on a benifit album for drug adled children "Where There Is Hope" for Cypress Recovery.

Set List

Mystery Train
Bill’s Freightlinner (original)
Got Love (if ya want it)
You Don’t Love Me
Take a Walk With Me
One Way Out
Red-Headed Woman
Early in the morning
Ice Cream Man
I Think it was the Wine
Stole From Me
Casino Blues (original)
First Degree
Good Gravy
V-8 Ford
Beer Drinkin’ Woman
Polly Put the Kettle On
Shake That Thing
Aint No Gambler
Big Rock Candy Mt.
I Wish You Would
It’s My Life, Baby
If You Lose Your Money
Lonesome Train
Exquist Peach (original)
Don’t go no further
In The Jailhouse Now
Boogie Disease
She Ain’t Rose
Can’t Be Satisfied
Choppin’ My Baby’s Kindling
32.20 Blues
Pretty Girl a Cadilac & Money
Who Gonna Be Your Sweet Man
Ol’ Tomcat Blues (original)
Blues Stay Away From Me