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"SOTAC Magazine (Cover Story/Interview)"


Q: In a search for fame, many musicians often lose sight of their music and its message. How do you stay grounded and not lose sight of your overall goal?

A: All I want is for my music to make some people feel a little better, a little less stressed, maybe a little more empathetic for the world around them. I write about the emotional and personal struggles in my own life. I write to relax my own soul. When I get messages from people saying my music made them cry, wow – I know I’m doing something right. We ultimately change the world not just by the things we say but by the example we set. If people can feel some of my energy and be inspired to create or to investigate or just to let go a little bit, then that’s a beautiful thing.

Q: I'd like you to think about your development as a new artist in the context of the Internet. Discuss the ways the Web has allowed you to distribute your music and market yourself to build new fans.

A: It’s the perfect time to be developing as a new artist, because the Internet – Myspace in particular, offers so much opportunity for ambition and talent. Myspace connected me to people who ended up connecting me to my management team. By offering an explosively popular and efficient new way to connect, network, and share music – Myspace has given anyone with good tunes a chance to get listened to by people from everywhere. Coupled with iTunes, there’s bound to be musicians that can make a living and grow a fan base with the Internet alone. I love being able to hear from fans as far away as Nigeria or as close as down the street. It’s good to let people know what’s going on in my life, not just as a musician but also as a person. I’ve seen my daily plays grow from 50 a day to 200 to 1000 to 2000… it’s a real encouraging thing to feel your music growing. As my audience continues to grow, I see the Internet being a big part of how I communicate with fans and promote shows.

Q: I would love to see you perform live. Do you have any plans of touring in the near future?

A: I was supposed to do a House of Blues tour with Raphael Saadiq in January but it fell through after he got tapped to produce Joss Stone’s next album. Hopefully that tour will take place early next year. In either case, I can’t WAIT to start touring! So many people out there who I’d love to share the music with.

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- Debony Burrowes

"Perez Hilton -"

"Forget All The Other Ones You’ve Heard"

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THIS is the best cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella EVER!

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With simple honesty about complex emotions, John West creates soul without crooning, and pop without gloss. “In life, it’s scary when you’ve never experienced something before, but if a song can be a guide, or a roadmap, that’s a beautiful thing,” says the Baton Rouge native who cites Otis Redding, Cat Stevens, Jill Scott and Jack Johnson as primary influences. “What I love about people’s reaction to my music now is that people tell me it soothes and relaxes them. It helps them get through hard days easier. And the reason I wrote half of these songs was to get through my own hard days.”

Much to John’s satisfaction, his songs are providing similar relief to his ever-expanding audience. He’s seen it for himself while performing at venues as prestigious as The Roxy and The Hotel Café, or as down-to-earth as street performing on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. “The idea that I can bring different types of people together seems like a real calling,” he says. “And if you can do that, then all of a sudden you can break down a lot of other barriers, because fear is usually the lack of knowledge and a lack of commonality. Music can bring people together so well.”

* Over 2 millions MySpace plays and 27K friends
* NACA National 2008 - Roving Artist Showcase
* Opened for Tyrone Wells, Colbie Caillat, Raphael Saadiq & KRS-ONE
* Sponsored by Palm (maker of the Treo) & Cordoba Guitars
* Perez Hilton blogged about John's cover of "Umbrella" - calling it the "best ever"
* Has played over 130 college, club, & festival shows over the past 3 years

Recent/Upcoming College Dates:
Arizona State University
Eastern Oregon University
California State University, Northridge
California State University, Pomona
University of Southern California
University of Houston
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