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John Pippus

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Solo Blues Singer/Songwriter




"Wrapped Up In The Blues"

"[The album is]... blues based but he takes liberties, occasionally, as in “Walk Away,” sounding like Led Zeppelin rather than a blues purist. Good for Pippus. Like any genre, boundaries have to be pushed otherwise it can choke on its idealism."
- Tom Harrison, The Vancouver Province, Sept. 16/11 - The Vancouver Province

"Wrapped Up In The Blues"

"If John Pippus’ Wrapped Up in the Blues does one thing brilliantly, it’s to fully live up to its name. The Vancouver bluesman lives and breathes his musical muse."
- Francois Marchand, The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 16/11 - The Vancouver Sun

"ExploreMusic's AlanCross on "Born A Genius""

by Alan Cross | September 27, 2010 9:00 am

Don’t let the pompous-sounding title of this album, Born a Genius, turn you off. It’s strictly tongue-in-cheek. All trepidations should be erased by the first 60 seconds of this delicate acoustic track.

Sounds like: Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Jack Johnson


""Humor and Energy" Unifies Born A Genius"

JOHN PIPPUS: Born A Genius (DMA)

By Tom Harrison Fri, Aug 20 2010 COMMENTS(0) Quick Spins

Pippus's second CD can't be labelled blues or tagged folk but it is earthy without also being retro. Samples and a nod, just a nod, to hip hop see to that, His "Leaving On Your Mind" might steer closely to The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" but it does so in good humour and a spark of energy. As varied as it is, humour and energy might be the album's unifying factors. - The Vancouver Province

"New Album, "Born A Genius""

ohn Pippus
Born A Genius
Vancouver singer/songwriter, John Pippus was born a genius and he wants everyone to know it.
Born a Genius is Pippus’ second full length album. It appears that he has exorcised a few of his demons after the lonely pre-dawn lament of his first album, and he’s got stuff to say.
Opening with “Where I Come From”, lays down believability for the rest of the songs on the album. “Where I come from we believe in what we say” sings John. He has a gift for making us believe that he’s been down road and around the block, and is still kickin’ it.
Social commentary is just one of threads that run through Born a Genius. With some solid songwriting John has turned an observant eye towards some of society’s ills. “Let’s Legalize It”, is a jarring, ragged song that incorporates a siren, a heavy hip hop style rhythm and some strong views. Pippus’ handy guitar work blends in well, though it is somewhat strident in the vocals. He does settle in with that weary, smoky, scotch soaked voice apart from that, and shows a pleasing variety in range in the other songs. “One Shot”, which is a somewhat scathing call to action, is a good example of where everything works together.
Whoever says, ‘when I grow up I’m going to become a nameless social outcast and push a shopping cart around’? Pippus addresses this too often seen scenario with compassion in “Shopping Cart Joe”. Born a Genius is not all about how we’ve gone to hell in a hand basket. There are relationships, humor and reflective moments too.
Permeating the album is a modern, up to date sound. There are a few times when these touches feel like a pair of shoes that look good, but don’t fit quite right. You wear them anyway, trying to work them in. Those moments are few.
It has been noted that John Pippus has gotten a bit of a late start in his music career. I think he’s just getting warmed up and we’re in for more treats down the road.

It is evident with Pippus’ latest album Born A Genius, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

By Shelley Gummeson
Sep 17, 2010 - Earshot Magazine


"Howl At The Moon" (2013)

"Wrapped Up In The Blues" (2011)

"Born A Genius" (2010)

"This City" (2009)

"Song Tourist". Six-song demo CD (2006)



Selected one of "The Best 10 Indie Vancouver acts of 2011" by VANMUSIC.CA

From sharing a stage with Jackson Browne to playing to small, but appreciative coffee house audiences, John has lived a life filled with music and well-earned stories. Critics have declared him, a folk/roots gem, and a refined tunesmith with serious pop hooks.

"Its his variety of voices that really impresses me, ranging from smoky to gravely. He plays his songs with fun-loving attitude, throwing in some full-body wiggles... Its all about attitude when it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition, and John is as sassy as they come."
- Lauren Eldridge, Backstage Vancouver, Jan. 8/10


Reviews for the new album, "Howl At The Moon":

"The first great independent album of 2013!" - Brad Mennie, CHLY Radio

"Very Highly Recommended". - RustZine Magazine

"Howl At The Moon will hit a chord with all" - Tom Harrison, The Province

"Howl At The Moon takes you on a trip of words, emotion, and sound. Hang on; its a helluva ride". - Shelley Gummeson, Earshot Magazine


Favorite venues John has played include: The Bluebird Caf (Nashville), The Tractor Tavern (Seattle), The Vogue Theatre (Vancouver), Canons Gait (Edinburgh), Bruxelles Bar (Dublin) and The Newtown Festival (Wellington, New Zealand), Bluebird North (Vancouver) and various venues in The Netherlands.

Sounds like? Try this: Situated between the musical influences of John Hiatt, Tom Waits, and Steve Earle. And a healthy nod to the blues greats as well.


Reviews for "Wrapped Up In the Blues" (2011):

"If John Pippus Wrapped Up in the Blues does one thing brilliantly, its to fully live up to its name. The Vancouver bluesman lives and breathes his musical muse."
- The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 2011

"The real take-away here is the sense of fun and energy that comes through on every song. Pippus has the attitude and personality to put out an upbeat dead-on-tempo blues party."
- Rustzine Magazine, Nov. 2011

Link to feature article about John in The Vancouver Province:

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John plays solo, duo (with Aynsley Leonard), or with The John Pippus Band. Visit:

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