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"Wake Your Daughter Up"

Something came across my email inbox a couple weeks that I've been meaning posting up since I've got it. It's a free mixtape from Jersey MC, John Public. I had heard of John Public a bit in the underground circles, but never really sat down and listened to anything. This mixtape features Public spitting a concept album of sorts over Primo beats from "The Ownerz". True, Primo beats could make even me sound half way decent, but Public rides the beats very well and the overall listening experience is an enjoyable one, mainly because I guess I can relate to it rather well. It sounds like my early college days with keggers in the freezing winter time.

Here is a brief overview.....
The Borrowed LP is a themed, 12-track mixtape with instros taken from Gang Starr's "The Ownerz." Each song works as part of a fictional night at a college house party, linked together with short interludes to help flesh out the story. At 45-minutes, the mixtape is quick, but it's a thorough dose of hip hop. Definitely has the boom bap sound that defines Primo's music but it's also got a mashed-up quality to it – think Slug meets Lupe at Vince Vaughn's house. With Guiliani playing beerpong on the deck. With the Bush twins.

You can download The Borrowed LP here–

Here's an mp3 of "Any of This" for immediate DL –

Give John a look at his MySpace – - Travis

"Nothing But Everything"

John Public is a new rapper on the indie scene hailing from Jersey. His style is reminiscent of early '90's Hip Hop mixed in with a white fratboy edge. You definitely should check it out.

Here are two tracks:

"Any of This" * Definitely am feeling this one!

"Fratboy World"

Anyways, Mr. Public just released a mixtape called "The Borrowed LP."

The press release says, "Reaching back into 2003 and selecting beats from Gang Starr’s “The Ownerz,” Public’s latest offering gives new life to Premier’s signature boom-bap sound as a themed, 12-track dose of wordplay. Each song works as part of a fictional night at a college house party, and interludes link the songs together to flesh out the story. Some have likened the overall vibe as being the hip hop equivalent of a classic garage-rock record. But Public describes it more like 'Slug-meets-Lupe at Vince Vaughn’s house. With Guiliani playing beer pong on the deck. With the Bush twins.'"

For more info, check out John Public's MySpace profile. - Alex

"YouTube Features"

I'm both a journalist and a musician, and my channel has over 600,000 hits. These are some of the most-viewd entries:

DJ Premier: broke the story about BET Cipher with Mos Def, Black Thought and Eminem

DJ Quik: broke news about Dr. Dre and Detox

Aubrey O’Day: broke news about SRC, video was picked up by Perez Hilton Favorites With Asher Roth: original series I created, one of Asher’s first viral pieces

Interview with Royce Da 5’9: broke detailed news about possible deal with Shady Records (qualified for YouTube Partnership program)

Joe Budden: admits a series of interviews I did brought he & Royce together for Slaughterhouse

" Features" Features

NahMean: The Corner Talks Back – This is part of an exclusive series I do with, one of the largest and most influential hip-hop blogs on the web. I have a mixtape coming out with them March 3 with songs based around the concepts of these video topics. Very popular web series.

Episode 1: Style Over Substance – The Radio Dilemma

Episode 2: Sensationalist Journalism in Hip-Hop

Episode 3: God & Hip-Hop

Episode 4: Hip-Hop Music vs. Hip-Hop Culture

Episode 5: Vox Populi – Music of The People

Audio - Feature: Freedom People + Mos Definitely

Audio – John Said: NahMean (The Mixtape)
- Eskay @

",, Smoking Section", and Smoking Section Features

Audio - Feature: Sneaker Music + Freedom People

Audio – Feature: Dig Where I’m Comin From

Audio/Video - Smoking Section Feature: Add Lyrics Contest/Show Promo + Thrift Shop Experience
- DJ Z, Shake & Meka, John Gotty


The Session EP - 2003
The Borrowed LP - 2005 (Mixtape)
The Door Rap Session LP - 2005 (Mixtape)
The Thrift Shop Experience - 2008 (Mixtape)
John Said: NahMean - 2010 (Mixtape)
Re-Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience - coming in summer 2010 (Album)
The Goodwill Experience - coming in early 2011 (Album)



Hip-hop music has always been a reflection of culture, a pulse of the people who embrace a certain perspective. It's urban, it's fierce... and it always moves. Today, it's traveled all over the world, taken different forms and become an outlet for millions. Me? I make thrift shop hip-hop. You could probably call it old music, something like second-hand soul (recounted first-hand, of course). If you listen hard enough, it'll stick to your chest, maybe get caught in your nose and linger, like the smell of popcorn at the movies or cigar smoke on Sunday nights. Sonically, it's a blend of Mos Def doing a Pop impression and Eminem when he's not mad... all while enjoying a game of flip cup with Giuliani. Sprinkle in some stories about their American experiences - one night stands, poor folks, rich folks, love, the shadows of 9.11 - a splash of bourbon and some dope bass lines and that's basically me. I've been making songs for 13+ years and have been afforded the opportunity to open up stages for DJ Kool Herc, DMC, The Cunninlynguists, Das EFX, Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, PackFM, Ness, Icon Da Mic King, Supastistion, Emilio Rojas, J The S, Donny Goines, The Brown Bag All-Stars, Homeboy Sandman, Final Outlaw, Philadelphia Slick and hopefully many more in the years to come. Check me out on (600,000+ views), (300+ fans) or Peace.