John Revitte

John Revitte


My music has been described often as somewhere in between the styles of Bob Dillon and Neil Young but different. I don't really like to try to compare my songs to anyone. The songs come out and each is what it is,just as any songwriter is who they are.


I don't have a story. The songs are the story. For whatever reason they come through me and I can either ignore them or put in the work to make them the best I can before I send them out. I always choose to do the work. I heard a well known songwriter say once,"If you have a gift and don't use it you're just a s....ball. That works for me!


I have approx. 185 songs on the website They are under John Revitte folk/rock. The album Bears Legacy#1 has 12 songs that show some of the songs that have received positive reviews from listeners on the site.

Set List

Bears Legacy #1,2,3,4,5,6,