John Richard Hendley III

John Richard Hendley III

 Syracuse, New York, USA

I am a songwriter only I hire others to write the music and sing, in most cases I own all the rights to my songs, I write Mainly Country, but I also write Country Rock, Rock, Rap, soul, Pop, & Gospel


My E-mail address is: I also write songs, I would love for one of my songs I wrote to be used in a major motion picture. I was nominated 4 years in a row for music awards by Airplay International, these are the ones that do the Billboard Charts, I was nominated for 5 awards in 4 years from 1997-2000. I had a song that was sang By Kieth Bradford called "Things aren't As Bad As They Seem", that is on his album "Styles In Music" Kieth now has bought out Kitty Wells's studio and has started KMA Records at 256 Kitty Wells Blvd., Madison, Tenn. 37115, He also has a couple of Gospel TV Shows broadcast to at least 65,000 homes. I have been also invited and joined The Tennessee Country Music Alliance. So if you are a writer or singer I would love to hear from you. I just wanted to share My award with you, I was awarded an Award By the Traditional Country Music Foundation "Most Creative Award" and for outstanding songwriting 2006-2007 if you would like to hear my song go to:, Be sure and rate my song, and leave a comment if you want!! I also recieved a Director's Award for a Christmas song I wrote Called, "REMEBERING CHRISTMASES GONE BY" by the Paramount Group! If you would like to hear some of my songs please go to: My Showcase also you can check out my songs at or

I am a poet and songwriter and I just got my first book published, and out on the market. My book is a fifty page book of poetry entitled "DAY TO DAY LIVING". Day To Day Living By John Richard Hendley III ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4415-2508-6 Trade Paperback: $15.99 & $8.10 for shipping via UPS within the US, for all others please call for quote!! Number Of Pages: 58 Genre Poetry: Sinle Author/American Telephone ordering Number: 1-888-795-4274 Fax ordering Number: 1-610-915-0294 E-mail and or Website address: Description: Relax and enjoy the uplifting verses of DAY TO DAY LIVING. Find pleasure in the variety of ideas, humor, and insights interwoven in this inspirational anthology. You can also order this book at WWW.Amazon.Com , , just put in my name John Richard Hendley III, or you can go to your local Bookstore or Library and request a copy by the Isbn Number above. Please pass this information on to everyone you know!!!


Streamline Night

Written By: John Richard Hendley III

This son is Currently #3 here in syracuse on Reverbnation


Written By: John Richard Hendley III

217 Marguerite Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13207


I was making my way across this land
looking for a way I wasn't quite sure of,
I was going by thre use of my hand
hustling my way through the push and shove.

Long nights on a cold shoulder by the highway,
slow nights in the warmth of someone's arms,
You do it your way, and I wil do it my way,
Visiting people in the cities and on the farms

People rushing from place to place
trying to get by, and get a loaf of bread
keeping food on the table, so there's no empty place,
if they don't, they have empty stomachs when they go to bed.

Just moving from place to place,
it's the same wherever you go,
the only thing that changes is the face,
many places things may not show.

The reality of a throbbing heart
lost admist the crowds traveling to and fro.
From this place, time goes, then I depart,
the situation changes, then I gotta go.

Must find what I am looking for,
not sure about it at this very time,
but I know as I go from shore to shore
it's got to be there, if only I can find?

Help me on my journey.
Maybe, you'll see me along the way
if, only you can see
I am lost in the middle of the day.

Written By:


I have one song so far affiliated with BMI it is a Gospel Song called Eyes Of Eternity
Please Click on the following, and listen to my song Eyes of eternity on Soundclick. my song has went to #24 out of 69,000 in Country and # 4 in Christian Country out of 6,000, Wow!!! Thank you my friends and Family and a special thanks to Dee Dee Downs (The Recording Artist)
Hi, how is everyone, I have to say I am feeling Great, Charlie Ray left my song Rest stop with a major Publishing Company, and I just signed a 2 year exclusive contract with them!! They are already putting the song up for a new sitcom (More details later). I mailed the contract out by certified mail Friday the day before my 53rd birthday and they, and they recieved it Monday October 3, 2011!!!
then on my birthday a friend of mine, a professional Gospel, and Country Singer wants to put my song "Eyes Of Eternity" on her next album!! What a Birthday Present!!!
check out my songs on or
I have also had air time for my Song I And My noble Eagle
I first wrote this song right after 911 as a poem, I then sent it to the White House and recieved a letter of appreciation from President Bush. I then had the poem put on a 3-disc set for the International Library Of Poetry. Then It was suggested by Keith Bradford Of KMA Records to have it made into a song, so I did. I then sent it to Miranda Productions and they put in on their Miranda Stars Opry Hour on their Radio station over the internet, On October 1, 2008 at 8 PM, Keith Bradford is the singer of this song. I still retain all rights and privelidges to this song. Thank for your consideration!!

As I and my noble eagle look down
Tears fall from our eyes
As we watch part of what we are fall
We scream out wails for our dead and missing
Then I and my noble eagle watch as a
New spirit comes together to unite
So many in a common cause to
Search, unite, uplift, and heal
Then I and my noble eagle search
The skies for answers; we also search
The ground for our own, and the
Holes in the ground where our enemy hides
Then I and my noble eagle look to you
To help each other to heal
Take heart, we are flying above
To watch over you
I and my noble eagle soar above
And we scream,
"We shall overcome and be confident
In our resolve"
Written By: John Richard Hendley III

I also Have a Song that is #3 on the charts for country here in Syracuse on Reverbnation called Streamline Night It has been there for at least 3 weeks or more check it out!!