john roberts

john roberts


My music is very reflective of my moods and feelings. I've always been a Beatle fan, and I'm told that it can be heard in my music. I try to express my thoughts and opinions through my lyrics. Some are personal, some are political, some are just fun.


I do not have much of a story. I am a self taught musician, own a Horological business, make music as a hobby. I do not have a band, so stage performances are not in my immediate future. All my creations are sound on sound compilations. All recording, mixing, and engineering are done by myself. All instruments are played by me, and all vocals are me. As I am shy by nature, I was reluctant to let others hear my music. But, the people I did let hear my music said I should share it with others. So, here I am.


CD: Looking back Ahead
Single on You Tube: Politics 101(a short lesson in politics)