john  Rowe

john Rowe


contemporary soul rhythm & blues. with a pop sensibility


song writing partnership over 23 years. played in various bands through out the 80's & 90's assembling an extensive collection of song's, ranging from rock, pop, country&soul.


naked elm

Written By: john rowe

Outside my bedroom window, stand's a naked elm, against the harsh winter light.
It shine's, in reflection, through the window pane, in the pre-dawn night.
Chorous: you say that I don't believe in our love.
You where the one who said this is goodbye.
I would'nt say that I loved you then tell you goodbye.
It's fine out in the morning, beneath a naked elm, just too young to love, that kind of love.

dog in a manger

Written By: john rowe

when I hold you in my arm's, feel youre breath on my neck, youre skin so warm to touch, you make me blush insecure with the fear perhap's sometimes I've been, like a dog in a manger, I know you feel like I do.
Sometimes I feel like I don't want to share just how much I love you with anny-one.
Chorous:I am blessed, in the warmth of youre love , all that love girl, that you furnish upon me.
Verse: with pride all my pride on the cross tonight, youre beauty in light where evil intent's nothing more than a rumor.


john rowe[great western tear's]
step back [ep].