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"John Schrader"

"Singer/Songwriter John Schrader has managed to strike just the right balance. His music is both melodic and rootsy, accesible but not simple and finally, full of heart-felt, personal lyrics ." Bob Margolis - Kingston Times, Kingston NY

- Kingston Daily Freeman, NY

"Eyes on John"

"Schrader is an acclaimed singer-songwriter whos diverse music has attracted critical attention...his tough but melodic powerpop style frequently recalls the sounds of similarly motivated artists ranging from The Kinks to Matthew Sweet to Guided By Voices."

- Kingston Daily Freeman

"From The Road"

"When we were touring and doing the live thing, we received tapes and cd’s all the time. And everybody always wanted an opinion ...often, the material was truly awful, and sometimes (not quite as often) there was something great... John’s CD would fall into the latter category. The CD is killer! (although I'm digging the shit out of Cold), I think this disc is great. His voice is somewhere between a Pink Floyd or Don Henley perhaps...Songwriting is solid with great hooks and clean production value..not schlocky. I'm sure that his future is quite bright. Best of luck and stay in touch, John. Cheers, Dan"

Dan Pred, The Dan Reed Network

- Dan Pred - Dan Reed Network

"John Schrader"

“I tip my hat to John…WOW!!” Rockin Rican,

More Sugar Music Magazine – Dec. 2000

- More Sugar Magazine

"John Schrader - On The Move!"

“John has performed and recorded with an impressive list of pop and blues artists including members of Billy Joel’s Band, the David Letterman Band, Muddy Waters Band, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Miles Evans, Slam Allen, Little Sammy Davis, Bo Diddley, and the Van Morrison Band….his latest CD, “Blood In The Wood” has much more pop songcraft than the blues that John plays while he’s out and about. It places the emphasis on his recent experiences in life and the arrangements and production are often intricate and invlolved. Schrader has a catchy sense of creating pop songs....his lyrics are original and his voice carries the 'slice-of-life' themes with passion and appropriate intensity."

Phil Farber, Kingston Freeman
- Kingston Daily Freeman

"Spilling Blood - John Schrader"

"Kingston's John Schrader has spilled blood over his craft. The songwriter's second album, "Blood In The Wood," is a collection of very personal songs, laced with his blues-driven guitar. This isn't a self-pitying, self-serving album however. The music and lyrics are melodic, rocking, lucid, intricate and poetic. Schrader's music, based on his intense experiences, makes for an intriguing sound. John's voice has a scratchy quality that can be compared to John Mellencamp but without the happy-go-lucky vibe. Schrader cuts right to the chase (his spoken word tirade on "Mind Flush" is frighteningly honest). While Schrader may be serious, the music is very dramatic. "Blood In The Wood" showcases all of Schrader's talents as a musician, as he plays pretty much all of the instruments on the album. The reason behind the multi-tasking is that he wanted to keep the album personal. He's not selfish, however. He's a realistic songwriter who just wants to get his message out without any interference....and he's working hard to get it out in the open. "Blood In The Wood" is proof that John Schrader's dedication to his music is intense!"

Lee Park, Poughkeepsie Journal - August 31, 2006
- Poughkeepsie Journal

"Justice for an upcomer!"

"If justice mattered in the music business, John Schrader would be a star! The Kingston, NY resident has it all. He has a raspy voice that oozes emotion. He has a sharp pen that expresses his deepest thoughts and feelings, from anger at self-absorption - "blame it on everyone and everything but me," he shouts - to lovesick pain - "I wanna run when someone says your name," he sings. Plus, Schrader, who plays just about all of the instruments on the album, can rock with the best of them or lay his balledeering heart on the line."

Steve Israel, Times Herald Record - Middletown NY August 24, 2006
- Middletown Record

"2nd CD by John Schrader"

"Having been introduced to John's work with his debut release "From Discontent", I waited with anticipation for his next CD to reach my hands. This long awaited 2nd offering by far surpasses his previous work [which was named as one of the top ten CD's reviewed in the year 2000 by More Sugar Music Magazine]. Once again, John takes control of his destiny by handling all the chores from writing to arranging to producing to engineering. Then he outdoes himself by playing all the instruments. Is there anything this guy CAN'T do?!?! He has improved on all fields with "Blood In The Wood", and has entered uncharted waters to everyone's surprise. His lyrics are both descriptive and straightforward. From begining to end, this 13 song CD rock!

Gus Amador, More Sugar Music Magazine , NY, NJ, CT, PA, LI June 2003
- More Sugar Magazine

"Reality in song"

"His writing truly captures the depth of his soul. His lyrics connect on such a profound level. John's rustic wisdom pulses through his fingertips and crystalizes experience into song........very poignant lyrics."

Saugerties Post Star
- Saugerties Post Star


Daylight Crashing - Bugbird Records (2009)

Blood In The Wood - Bugbird Records (2002)

From Discontent - Bugbird Records (1998)



John was raised in Kingston, NY… a small city about 2 hours north of New York City. His love for music started at an early age when he first saw Elvis Presley. John started his formal musical education in the 3rd grade when he began playing the violin. The drums followed in the 4th grade. While in High School, John started teaching him self guitar and piano while still playing drums in the school and outside of school in his band that never had a name! While earning a degree in music w/ a concentration in Composition/Performance, he added vibes, guitar, bass, piano and some woodwinds/brass to his abilities. John also earned a degree in media production w/ a concentration in Film/Audio/Video production/post-production and has worked in NYC for years in film/audio production. He now owns his own studio (JLS Sound) and recently opened his own production company (Bugbird Productions) where he scores instrumental music for film/tv. John is an active member of ASCAP and owns his own publishing company - Mahmnic Music Publishing.

John's writing began in strength upon his diagnosis of cancer. "everything I was going through and had gone through growing up needed a voice", says John. John's music reflects the pains of losing from a young age - the long climb up from what some call a dead end town - a constant struggle to "tell his story." The loss of his father at age 9 was to be the rocky start that would shape John's views on life. John also lost his beloved Mother Lorraine to Leukemia in 2006. "She was my hero...she was my best friend..she got me through my bout with cancer...It's not possible to put into words what she meant to me", says John. And that's just what he writes about - his loss - his life. His song's are his "slice-of-life." Their themes of pain, struggle, anger and yearning to "get out" yet still embracing with pride, the streets and places that shaped him are palpable.

John was 21 when he was diagnosed with aggressive testicular cancer and was given time frame of 5 years after the surgery as a gage for his survival rate. "Funny Man" came as a result of this time in John's life. That song is now featured on a benefit CD ofr cancer survivors through the organization I2Y. I2Y Founder Matthew Zachary says of John, "It's pretty common knowledge that music is a universal language that transcends time, race, religion and pretty much everything else. What isn't common is how often a musician comes along with the purest of creative instinct, the deftness of a fine craftsman, the passion of love's greatest gift and the soul-churning anguish of life-altering medical experience and harmonizes those collective influences into something truly original. It has been my distinct and humble pleasure and honor to not just be a fan of John Schrader but a personal friend as well." After John was considered "disease-free", he began slowly piecing together his own studio and trying to rebuild after his set backs. To this day, JLS Sound (Named for his Father's initials) is where everything is laid down. John is a multi-instrumentalist and usually performs all the vocals and all the instruments on all of his recordings.

John's last CD, "From Discontent", was recorded and mixed by John at JLS Sound also and from there, he went to Nevessa Productions in Woodstock, New York to master it with Chris Andersen. John shot, directed, and edited three music videos from the album. In 1990, 1992 and 1996, he was a semi-finalist Billboard and Musician Magazine's songwriting competition. John also completed a commercial for which he Directed, was Director of Photography and scored, recorded and performed the original music. The commercial, which airs on WCBS and CNBC, garnered John the Videographer Award and the Communicator Award. The piece can be streamed at Barone Media

John had scored several soundtracks for independent films and TV/Radio commercials. John composed the musical soundtrack for a film by Director Yat-Hong Chow called "China." The film was awarded "Best Fiction Film" and "Best Original Soundtrack" at the 1997 City Visions Film Festival in New York City. John is been involved in all aspects of production for video and audio-- production, post production, etc. John also taught media production at The State University of New York at New Paltz.

John's latest effort, "Blood In The Wood," has achieved airplay on radio stations in the US and overseas. "..the emotions of the music are palpable…." John says, "that tells me that I've done my job as a writer…I've come across to people." John's music has been sold or downloaded in well over 20 countries and every state in the USA and is now featured on Apple I-Tunes, CD BABY, Tower Records and many other download sites. John is an active member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and has won two ASCAP awards for his songwriting and composing. As a resutl, John has inked contracts with Field's Music in NYC a