Johns epic

Johns epic


Johns epic is an alternative folk duo. The music can be described as akoustic folk music with strong melodies, slices of life lyrics and beautiful harmonies.


It all startet in 2004. After a few months Johns epic were picked out to do two shows at the Norwegian showcase festival By:larm in bergen. Producer Georg Buljo got interested in the bands music and were later the man behind the first album "To friends and followers" released on Division records in 2007. Now, 5 years later their second album "New beginnings" is about to be released on a norwegian label called "Nordic records". The music could be described as folk-inspired pop with a slice of nordic melancholia.
The new album will be available on Itunes, Spotify, Wimp etc. from the 20th of April 2012.


To friends and followers ( Division records 2007 )
New Beginnings (Nordic records 2012)

Set List

A typical Johns epic set list includes about 12 songs and lasts for about one hour. Only originals, no covers.