John Shannon

John Shannon


Soul searching experiences in the desert and mountains combined with "other than" tunings on 12string guitar and a voice of wind bring the listener an evolving experience of what music can be.


b.Pittsburgh PA. 1980
In his highschool years John studied avant-garde sound on a church altar after midnight with pipe organist Mike Ross learning what it means to become a musical "bridge". At this same time he was trained in "playing all styles freely" by saxophonist Eric Kloss. From those years he went on to a prestigious music school in Boston where he formed the evolutionary band Waking Vision. After recieving a Bachelor's in Guitar Music Performance John set out to learn from Nature feeling this was where the true music lessons were. The culmination of this period of time was the Vision Quest John took in a desert area of the Southwest. A Vision Quest is an ancient spiritual practice that involves being confined to a 10ft. circle in the wilderness for 4 days with only water. This has led him further into the path of music as a bridge to the spirit and also music as a tool for healing. A virtuosic guitar player combined with a highly evolved sense of sound and touch combined with a voice that is aware of the winds around him combined with a musical ear that ranges from Thomas Mapfumo to James Taylor to Keith Jarrett, the only word to describe this new music is "Awakening."


My Earth and Son

Written By: John Shannon

My Mother she sais
You never have to fall
I heard the wind sing
in her ear
The Ancient Spirits tell me
that I never was at all.


-Go Beyond the Quiet Mind - John Shannon
label:ObliqSound (Forthcoming 2007)
-Spirit Through Sound Ep - John Shannon - 2002
-High Selva Ep - Waking Vision - 2003
-Ancient Bloom - Waking Vision - 2001

Set List

set list depends upon the venue
the time span can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours