John Haydon

John Haydon


Edgy but honest - Townes Van Zandt meets Badly Drawn Boy.


LoveLetter is the baby of Margaret Garrett and John Haydon who both initially intended to sound something like the Everly Brothers, but then started bringing in various elements from The Velvet Underground, Luna, Matthew Sweet, Reigning Sound and Gene Clark.

It's the merging of their completely different musical pasts that create a sound that is both vulnerable and edgy. Margaret also sings and plays electric guitar with her friend, Tara McManus (drums) in the indie fav band, Mr. Airplane Man. Touring the USA and Europe for 8 years, the two friends continue to put out original blues-rock that Margaret writes. Concurrently, John played indie rock and alt-country for years with Five Dollar Milkshake, The Timbre Project, Matt Griffin and other projects before standing on his own as a solo singer-songwriter in 2000. After recording 3 CDs, playing at various clubs and colleges around the Northeast, John started the roots-country band, Hayseed Prophets with John Bickford (Zen Lunatic) in 2003. Early 2006, John built a home studio and focused on writing and recording until he met Margaret early in 2007.

Quiet may not be the new loud anymore, but that is where LoveLetter finds their new home. At shows, you'll see them huddled around a couple of microphones playing original songs and obscure covers. Listen carefully for these two as they plant the seeds of their sound throughout local clubs in Boston.


Resolve - 1999
This Time EP - 2001
She's Gone - 2003
All Mistakes Are Intentional - 2008

Set List

90 minutes, mostly originals