John Sherry

John Sherry


Clever songwriting, a unique vocal style and stunning guitar work are the essence of John's latest project. The music fuses elements from various roots styles such as blues, folk and reggae and combines them with modern textures of rock, hip hop and pop. He is also a composer for theatre and film.


John Sherry is a superb guitarist, composer and an iconic songwriter. He has released two solo instrumental albums and has a string of credits as a commissioned composer. Some of his chief influences on guitar are Eric Clapton, Michael Hedges, and Carlos Santana. He has also released two blues/rock CDs with The John Sherry Group, inspired by some of John's earliest influences from the late sixties and early seventies: Super Session with Michael Bloomfield, Fleetwood Mac the blues band, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, the Jeff Beck Group. His latest project Brutal Honesty is wider in its scope, embracing today's technology and textures.


I Just Don't Like You

Written By: John Sherry

You know it's time we really had a talk
Cause girlfriend you're getting on my nerves
It's time to be calm, detached, dispassionate
Though I've tapped out all of my reserves

You call me up, night and day
On the telephone
I'm never gonna miss you
If you won't leave me alone

I'm drivin' in my car
And you're there in my mirror
I guess I'll write this song
To see if I can make it clearer

It's not that I'm mad
It's not that you're bad
It's not that I'm saying this
Just to make you sad, but
I just don't like you

I get up in the morning
And I go out walking
But there you are waiting
And you start right in talking

With too many stories
Too much drama
I really wish that you would
Just go home and tell your mama

You may be peachy
You may be ducky
You may be good enough
You may be smart enough
But doggonit,
I just don't like you

Three Days Ride

Written By: John Sherry

Three days ride to the dusty little town
Sun is scorching on the rocks and ground
Far as can be seen, no bodies to be found
No one left in the dirty little town

Not so long ago, the children played
Spring water flowed, strangers stayed
Boom town, the color shined
Men got rich on the pebbles they would find

Gotta thirst, you cannot slake
Only desert in your wake
Look back, don’t look back

Gotta hole you cannot fill
Is it just a test of will
Look back, don’t look back

Three days there ridin' with the pack
Now on your own you're headin' back
Bags are full, the town is dry
But that hungry look's still in your eye


Got your treasure but it never measures quite enough
Under pressure lest you fall from the highest bluff
You’d cheat your penny from the ferryman

The Grass Is Always Greener

Written By: John Sherry

The grass is always greener on the other side

You're seein' the smile, the friendly eyes
and thinkin' what if instead of why
But back at home your love is there
The one you know, the one that cares

Workin' hard, workin' late
and when you stop to take a break
Can't help but look across the room
And see she's lookin' back at you

The grass is always greener on the other side

Seems so easy, with her so near
Your other world just disappears
You think you want her, you don't know
But you're ready to move even though you know
The grass is always greener

So now you're dreaming of a little fling
And it's right then your cell phone rings
You pause cause now you feel unsure
But you pick it up to talk to her

She tells you Baby, I'm sure missin' you
And you know inside how you miss her too
And that's the time that you start to see
The fallacy of your fantasy

The grass is always greener on the other side

In This Together

Written By: John Sherry

Everybody knows what it means to be lonely
Everyone's known some pain
Everybody's tried and everybody's failed
And some just start over again.

Everyone's felt some thing for somebody
Everyone wants to be love
But sometimes we're cruel and heartless and jealous
And sometimes we rise above

Everyone feels some pity
Everyone's tryin' to cope
And still we go on
Don't know for how long
Clinging to each thread of hope

But we're in this together
Yeah we're in this together

Everyone wants to be lucky
Everyone's prayin' they'll win
And so we play on
Don't know for how long
Watchin' the wheel as it spins

But we're in this together
Yeah we're in this together

Jammin' @ JoJo's

Written By: John Sherry

Instrumental.... Theme Music


LPs: Harmonic Convergence 1996, Chiefly acoustic, instrumental album often compared favorably with Acoustic Alchemy,
Taylor Street 1998, Melodic instrumental blues/rock and fusion showing more of John's electric guitar talents.
The John Sherry Group 2001, Blues/rock fusion with powerful vocals
Don't Let The Fire Go Out 2004 Blues/rock Superb songwriting guitar playing and powerful group and lead vocals
Cheeky Spanks 2006, It's Not What You Think, It really isn't.

Set List

I Just Don't Like You
Sympathy For The Devil
The Grass is Always Greener
Three Days Ride
Rattle The Cage
Break Free
Prince of Fools
Just Yesterday
Let It Be

This plays about an hour in length and includes a few cover tunes. The musicians also play in a classic rock cover band with about five hours of repertoire.