John Showman

John Showman


I play fiddle music that will open your ears and get your feet tapping. It's roots music that people have been making love to, dancing to and swearing by since the slaves and settlers brought it here.


As a founding member of the Creaking Tree String Quartet and the Foggy Hogtown Boys, John Showman has made his mark as “one of the very best and most influential fiddle players in Canada” (Steve Pritchard, CIUT 89.5 FM). Over a 13-year career spanning 2,500 shows across the continent, John has distilled his experience into engrossing and moving live performance that he brings to audiences night after night.

John champions melody and groove above all else. His original style draws from the magic of traditional fiddle: the raw drive of old-time Appalachian music; the fire and attack of bluegrass; the intoxicating swing of Cajun and French-Canadian fiddle tunes; and the haunting beauty of the Irish and Scottish traditions.

With the launch of “Showman”, his debut solo album, John puts the listener’s focus on his great love of traditional fiddle music. What sets the album apart from others is the interaction between the supporting cast of musicians, featuring the members of both of his bands and including blues piano master Julian Fauth and mandolinist Joey Wright from the Jen Whiteley band. Every track features a unique and carefully-selected combination of these players, making for a great vibe on record.


Solo Albums:

Showman (self titled) - 2009

Albums with the Foggy Hogtown Boys:

Live at the Dominion - 2004
Northern White Clouds - 2005
Pigtown Fling - 2007
The Golden West - 2008

Albums with Creaking Tree String Quartet:

Self-titled - 2003
Side Two - 2005
The Soundtrack - 2007

Set List

20-minute showcase set 1:

1 - Wagon Wheel (John Showman)
2 - Savannnah Waltz (JS)
3 - Wagon Wheel (JS)
4 - Dusty Miller (Traditional)

20-min. showcase set 2:

1 - George-Anne Rag (JS)
2 - Little Valley Girl (JS)
3 - Wildwood Flower (Trad.)
4 - Grenadier Crossing (JS)

20-min. showcase set 3:

1 - Road To Picton (JS)
2 - Elzic's Farewell (Trad.)
3 - Burlin Reunion (JS)
4 - Coldfront (JS)