john smith

john smith


The name may be a common one, but this is no ordinary John Smith. The 27-year-old Essex-born songster is a dazzling, inventive guitarist, with lightning-fast fingerpicking and jaw-dropping, unforgettable, honeyed, gravelly growl of a voice that belies his age.


in 2008 , John and his producer, Jason Boshoff headed Stateside for a couple of weeks, the pair hired a car and drove into America’s Deep South, armed with recording equipment and instruments and a determination to find unusual field locations for the project. The result is the most atmospheric, wonderfully engaging series of tracks, many recorded out in the open air… John’s self-penned songs sound as if they are hewn from the rich seam of the tradition, yet nine of the 10 tracks are entirely his own, the other a stunningly original and dramatic interpretation of traditional folk song 'Death And The Lady'…


axe mountain

Written By: john smith

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