John Stephen Lee

John Stephen Lee


Whether looking for unplugged, easy listening dinner music or originals, John fits the bill. He is professional and delivers quality music you'll find yourself humming to, acclaimed by professional and casual listeners alike. He has been likened to Lyle Lovett, Shawn Mullins and Howie Day.


John's rich heritage is tied into the origin of bluegrass. His bloodline can be traced back several generations to the Irish settlers of the Appalachian mountains. Historically, these people have embodied the restless music known today as bluegrass.

J. R. R. Tolken once said "All who wander are not lost." Wooed down countless paths, John's work reveals a fusion of various musical backdrops.

About the time of his parent's divorce, when John was still quite young, he discovered his parent's vast collection of vinyl singles and albums. In these formative years, artists such as The Who, Bill Withers, The Big Bopper, and Elvis captured his
heart as he listened to these favorites over and over again.

As an , John spent a great deal of time exploring diverse musical genres. He has moved from one to the next as his interest and the blazing of his own path has lead him.

John describes his draw to writing and performing music as "an itch that had to be scratched". John has added his own contributions to his family's musical heritage. After years of writing and performing as front man, vocalist and guitarist with rock bands in small town venues, John has settled on "performing / songwriter" as the platform most suited to deliver his personal vision.

A sense of peace can be felt while enjoying the acoustical musings of this small town Midwestern musician. He will cause you to think and do some musing of your own as he scans the stars for truth and meaning. Your original classification of John's music may be a folk or easy listening rock genre, but his musical style has also been compared to Shawn Mullins, David Byrne, Seals and Croft and Willis Alan Ramsey.


Desert Days
Soul & Spirit (Soon To Be Released)

Set List

Original Set List:

Desert Days
Not Far
Wonder Of Wonders
Moving On
Here Before
Southern Beach
Siren's Song
Old Jim
Acting Like It's Ok
Where I Belong
All The Ones

Sample Covers:

Cat Stevens: The First Cut Is The Deepest, Wild World

Hank Williams: Jambalaya, Honky Tonk Blues

Beatles: You've Got To Hide Your Love,

Billy Joel: Just The Way You Are, She's Got A Way,
Don't Ask Me Why

Johnny Nash: I Can See Clearly

Bruce burn: Lord Of The Star-fields, Southland Of The Heart

John Gorka: Land Of The Bottom Line, Jailbirds In The Bighouse, Always, Full Of Life, The One That Got Away

Bob Dylan: It Ain't Me , Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Marshall Tucker Band: Can't You See

Ben Harper: Diamonds On The Inside

Van Morrison: Into The Mystic, And It Stoned Me,
Brown Eyed , Little Village

Dwight Yoakam: 1000 Miles From No-Where

Willis Alan Ramsey: Spider John, Boy From Oklahoma, Muskrat Ca