4-piece alt-rock band (inf: Weezer, R.E.M., Nirvana, Beatles, Wilco) formed by singer/songwriter/producer Richard Turgeon. Based in San Francisco.



- All 4 JTown records and singles--including new 5-song EP, "Penultimate," produced and mixed by Richard Turgeon--now available through Snocap on
- Opened for Eric Gaffney/Sebadoh on 12/9/06, Hotel Utah, San Francisco
- Opened for TV "Rockstar: Supernova" Storm Large on 11/2/06, Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco
- 10/13/06 - Interviewed on Tower Records podcast, "Belly of the Bay" (
- 7/9/06 - "Download of the Week," San Francisco Chronicle
- Tracks featured in "The War Effort," an award-winning comedy by Bob Cesca (creator of "VH1 ILL-ustrated"). Credited as 'The Movies.'


Johnstown was formed circa 1993 by singer/songwriter/producer Richard Turgeon. Originally billed as the Movies, the group recorded "Live, Worship, Shop" in 1996 and played the Philadelphia club circuit and New York clubs like CBGB's and the Spiral. In 2002, Bob Cesca (creator of "VH1 ILL-ustrated") made a video of "Tying Me Up" for his Website, Shortly thereafter, Turgeon reunited the group to record the song and direct the Flash video for "Gay Santa," which was featured on's homepage for close to a month during the Christmas season. He then began producing a second record, "Whipped," recording (all but live drums), mixing and mastering all tracks on his first-model Apple iBook laptop computer. After promoting the record with two Center City performances, Cesca used a few songs from "Whipped" in in his first feature movie, "The War Effort" (, which won several independent film festival awards.

Johnstown recently released a 5-song EP, "Penultimate," featuring the live band that Turgeon wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered. Johnstown is currently performing in the Bay Area.



Written By: Richard Turgeon

Windy days, stormy nights
It's been a while since I felt right
I look below for solid ground
I'm climbing up but only go down

I'm not falling on blue water
I'm not falling into rest
Despite the lift it feels like I'm never getting up
Keep on falling, keep on falling, keep on falling
down again

Walk ahead and fall behind
It's getting hard to tell what's yours and lately what's mine
We're winding down the same wide road
that breaks into the reaches of what we'll both get to know

I always do the best I can
And I don't claim to be the best man
To or die will make the difference that it takes
I'm falling
down again


Written By: Richard Turgeon

Deep blue sea of contentment
A shallow reef draws me out
The current starts to pull me under
The end is near, maybe now

And it’s me who’s left falling underwater
Can’t you see as I slowly drift away
I can’t breathe and my memories seem to taunt me
Watch the sun as it sinks back into gray

I slowly sink towards the bottom
My will fight now nearly gone
This is my life since you left me
And I don’t want to carry on



2007 - Penultimate
2005 - Pagoda
2002 - Whipped
1996 - Live, Worship, Shop

First two on iTunes; search Artist > Johnstown.

Pagoda will be available on through iTunes and other outlets soon.

Set List

Typical set list is 10-12 original songs; lasts about 45-50 minutes.