John Sutton Band
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John Sutton Band

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Rock Acoustic


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With drummer Russ Swift and bassist Steve Alexander, Sutton, lead singer and guitarist, said he feels his jam-rock band is finally on it's way.

Although the band has released two albums, Sutton said he and band members have not practiced in years. "I'll just play something for them before we get on stage and just try and wing it. I like that method because sometimes the band takes it in a direction I hadn't thought of when I was writing it."

Although many musicians are shopping record deals, Sutton says he prefers to sit back and see what happens. "My focus is grass-roots promotion," Sutton said. "Who really wants a record deal if you have to beg for it. They know who you are and what you are doing."

... Sutton says he enjoys playing small college towns. "It's tough to grab a loyal following in big cities."

Because his band's performances rely on improvisation, Sutton said he was not sure if his songs would ever be Radio-friendly. "Some songs will be. Lately we've been getting quite a bit of college radio play." ... - The Murray State News - by Marci Owen

This weeks feature is the John Sutton Band from Nashville, TN. JSB features the trio of John Sutton (Lead/Vocals), Russ Swift (Drums), and Steve Alexander (Bass/Vocals). I got a chance to sit down with these guys before a show in Lexington, KY at a favorite spot of theirs, Kitty O'sheas. My first impression of JSB left me with the feeling that they were your average hard working young band. After chatting with JSB, and especially after watching them play live, I realized that these guys are anything but average.

Sure they have experienced their share of growing pains (i.e. a bus that served as transportation which was finally laid to rest in Nashville because it simply became to costly to repair). Now they travel from city to city with a UHaul. Do they mind? Not a chance ... nothing could keep these guys from doing what they love ... and that is playing music for their fans. During the show they took control of the crowd and interacted with the audience like a group of seasoned veterans. It's no wonder they are so popular with the college crowds. You simply cannot go to a John Sutton Band show and not have a blast. When I asked them to give some advice for young struggling bands, their response was, "Play anywhere you can ... for as free as you can afford." Damn ... now that's a band that loves what they do. - New Music Edge Magazine - by Bud

So late last year, December 29th to be exact, I walked into Harry A's to find a really kick butt band playing. Check out the archives if you need reminding. That was the island's first exposure to the John Sutton Band. Within and hour and a half, just on word of mouth buzzing the island, they had the placed crammed.

So Thursday night I go waltzing into the A's, looking for one of these wonderful, and cheap burritos they do, and who is it setting up to play? Yup, the John Sutton Band. Put on your party hat! This is the third time JSB has played the area now, and they just keep getting better. You wouldn't think three guys could kick up such a cloud of dust, but they do. These guys have more energy on stage then you've seen in a long time. With an interesting mix of covers and solid original tunes, these guys know how to rock it down and get people coming in the door. - Forgotten Coast Line Magazine - by Ed Tiley


Dirty South (May 8th, 2009) ...
Latest studio release featuring the songs "Sun in your hair", "All my life", and "Dirty South"

A Beautiful Life (2008) ...
Featuring the songs "The World" and "A beautiful Life"

Hard Times (2005) ...
Studio CD featuring the songs "Hold on" and "Up on a hill"

Sutton Live (2004) ...
Live at Windows on the Cumberland, Nashville, TN

the City and Me (2002) ...
Studio CD featuring the songs "I wanna go" and "Janie wants"



The John Sutton Band has been rocking the Southeast for the past 10 years building their ever expanding fan base. John, Rick, and Keith
bring vast stage experience to their live performances. This band is at home on any stage.

Their songs, written with feeling and expression, are done so in a way that the purpose of the lyric is not lost in the live jam. Always fun! Always a party! Always a jam! The music comes first right along side the fans of their music. The John Sutton Band is jamming rock music for the lovers of rock music.