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Carry the Cowboy Home

Written By: john swayne

If you're ever out in eastern Wyoming 'n' see a cloud of dust
Maybe it's from the hooves of a stallion gallopin' 'cross the bluffs
Ever so often you might see him rear up 'n' hear his tremblin' cry
As he calls out for the rider who left him back in eighty-five

He longs for the hoop 'n' the holler
The tug at his mouth 'n' the slap on his back
Now he wanders the prairie in search
Of the only friend he has known
He wants to Carry the Cowboy Home

You'll see he's still wearin' the saddle they won in El Paso
That was the time the cowboy decided to try his luck with the bulls
Now he done real good all the way to Cheyenne, but there his luck ran out
The stallion knew somethin' was wrong when a hush came over the crowd

~Repeat Chorus~

Around the campfires, wranglers will swear that stallion's still alive
A spirit who'll never rest till he gives his rider his final ride....

~Repeat Chorus~