John Sweeney

John Sweeney


Original folk music with a mix of reggae and blues...


John Sweeney is a singer/songwriter from the small, coastal town of Leland, NC, just south of Wilmington. He spent most of his early years surfing the coast of NC, traveling from Wrightsville Beach to the Outer Banks, whenever he found the time. After graduating high school, he attended East Carolina University and then UNC-Chapel Hill for dental school. Relatively new to the music scene, John began playing guitar during his freshmen year of dental school, back in 2001. Soon after receiving a guitar from his wife Kim, he began writing songs to help relieve the stress associated with school. John returned home to Leland, NC, following dental school, where he resides with his wife, daughter, and son and practices dentistry. He continues to relieve the stresses of daily life through surfing and writing music, playing his music for audiences whenever possible. With influences that include Bob Marley, Donavon Frankenreiter, Peter Tosh, Stevie Ray Vaughn, xavier rudd, and Ben Harper, his music reaches across genre lines from folk to blues and reggae. His lyrics are thought-provoking and often deal with many of the social and political struggles we face as human beings. John’s heartfelt lyrics allow listeners to see into is soul and leave nothing uncovered.


Everything I touch

Written By: John Sweeney

Every day I wake up
I try to do my best
But sometimes I'm
Not up to the test

Everyday I work to improve
When maybe I should have
Just stayed in Bed

Everything I touch doesn't turn to gold
Everything I do doesn't always hold true
Everything I believe I can't always see
Nothing here is perfect especially not me ...... End of Chorus

Have you Ever worked so long
just to find out it's all for naut
Take so many steps not so many forward way to many back

Chorus again:


Final chorus


"Spread the Love" 13 track debut LP released 2008 through Dualtone Music Group

Set List

Our typical set list consits of about 17 songs although we can increase that to 25-28 songs. Our usual set usually last about an hour and 15 minuntes. The songs included on the set list are listed below. We usually play mostly original music but mix in a few Bob Marley cover songs, a Ben Harper tune, and Jack Johnson.
Set List:
American Way
Good Ole Days
Easily Me
California Skies
Spread the Love
Everything I touch
Three Little Birds (Bob Marley Cover)
Stuck in Rewind
Not so typical woman
Destructive seed
No woman No cry (Bob Marley cover)
Another day
Often times
All of Us
With my own two hands(Ben Harper Cover)
Bubble Toes (Jack Johnson cover)