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Sweet Tea & Caviar

Written By: John Swetnam

She pours her coffee, puts on her Bluetooth,
Turns up that Skynrd for her morning commute,
Packs her own fried chicken for a business lunch this afternoon,

She’d wear her flip-flops to work everyday,
Still loves the high heels, won’t throw them away,
Watches old foreign movies, but still likes a good football game,

In New York or L.A.,
Or an old hick town café,
She’d feel right at home in either place…

Cause she likes sweet tea and caviar,
Bucket seats in a luxury car,
And she goes crazy over anything sealed in a jar,
And she’ll drink cold beer and a glass of wine,
She’s high class without even trying,
And she lives like there’s nobody else in the world,
Cause that big city woman is still my little country girl…

Her mom was crying on the day that she moved,
She yelled to her baby to always stay true,
Now she lives in California, but still wears her Carolina blue,

She calls her everyday,
Tells her mom she’ll be okay,
She’s a big girl now, who’s finding her own way…


Well in Paris or Tennessee,
She’s as cool as she can be,
And now I’ve found the perfect girl for me….