John Taglieri

John Taglieri


Like Big Hooks and songs you can sing along to?? Then let me introduce you to John Taglieri. Acoustic Driven Rock at its best!


“You’re Life’s The Only Starring Role You Get To Play” as stated in singer/songwriter, John Taglieri’s first single, “Starring Role” on his fourth album, Wide Awake & Dreaming. He believes that it’s how a career gets built, by simply believing in what you do and chasing your dreams. John Taglieri is no stranger to chasing dreams, though what Taglieri managed to do while most watched, is turn those dreams into reality.

With the upcoming release of, Wide Awake & Dreaming out April 10, 2007 through Leap Dog Music, along with a DVD This Was NOW, Taglieri has realized all the dreams one could hope for: a full time touring career, solid CD sales, a growing fan base, his own record label and publishing company, and much more. Building things one step at a time has been Taglieri’s way, and through determination, he has stepped right into something good. Part troubadour, part showman, Taglieri has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry through energetic and emotional live performances showcasing his catchy songwriting and powerful voice. His latest offering shows the growth and depth of his writing, and illustrates an artist that is comfortable in his own skin and place in his career. Through his upbeat melodies and catchy hooks, something Taglieri believes is sorely missing in music today, his songs capture the listener’s imagination and make them feel as if he were singing to them one on one. Familiar, honest and welcoming lyrics are perfect examples of what you can find on Wide Awake & Dreaming, and with just one listen, his songs draw you in and have you singing along like you were back in high school.

Spending time on the road as a solo acoustic, a duo, trio, and full band, Taglieri has brought many facets of himself to the table. Sharing stages with some of the top names in music such as, Edwin McCain, Sister Hazel, The Gin Blossoms, Jeffrey Gaines, Gavin DeGraw, and many others, he has captured many fans and will continue to with the stellar 13- song performance you will embrace on Wide Awake & Dreaming.


Leap Of Faith - 2000 Leap Dog Music
Half & Half - 2003 Leap Dog Music
NOW - 2005 - Leap Dog Music
Wide Awake & Dreaming - April 2007 - Leap Dog Music

Set List

Can be anything you need up to 3 hours in length! Originals are performed and given priority, but a healthy dose of covers also available. If it was popular, odds are, we can do it! Can be family friendly or a total party, all depends on what you need! Check out Myspace for video!