John Tayles

John Tayles

 Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

John Tayles often finds himself playing his music about his life, the world and everything else to audiences that respond to his live original music with one word, 'wow'. He's in the process of building a global choir around the song 'We Are Ready' at


It all started with unwanted piano lessons.

At the young age of eight, John Tayles was fed up with taking music lessons. But his father told him that he had couldn’t stop until he was 16.

Fortunately for Tayles, his father’s persistence and belief in him paid off.

Today, Tayles has grown into a singer/songwriter and entertainer known for his clever lyrics, catchy melodies and creative mash-ups. Whether he’s showcasing his musical talents on YouTube, teaching music to people in Africa or writing songs that inspire, Tayles’ passion for music is what drives his growth.

"I love playing music for others," Tayles says. "I get to share a part of me in a way that helps people forget about their busy day for a while and be in the moment."

Tayles has entertained people at more than 700 live shows in schools, parks, bars, patios, clubs and private parties across Ontario.

He shares his musical talents with a global audience via YouTube, with dozens of covers and original music videos. He graciously shares the spotlight by collaborating with other local musicians to create dynamic covers or memorable mash-ups.

In November 2007, Tayles entered an international songwriting competition held by He competed against 14 other finalists from around the world and was voted the Best Singer/Songwriter. That achievement made Tayles the first Canadian to win the contest and allowed him record his debut album, Thoughts Out Loud, produced by Darren Grahn (Metallica, Bon Jovi).

Tayles also takes the time to give back to his community— both locally and globally. He has volunteered his time twice in Uganda to share his music and talents with orphans and to teach youth how to play music.

One of Tayles’ latest projects, the We Are Ready Challenge, brings together his musical gifts, zeal for collaboration and desire to bring about change in the world. Based on a song he wrote, ‘We Are Ready’, the challenge asks people around the planet to share their musical talents and talk about what they are ready to see in the world.

“I’ve always been inspired by the ideals in ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon,” Tayles says. “This new song and challenge is my way of using my skills to hopefully inspire people and affect a little change in the world.”


Thoughts Out Loud

Written By: John Tayles

I'm kinda shy 'cause I don't know you.
I'm playing it off like everything is cool.
Yeah right! Well I got no clue
What to say next so I'll just smile like a fool.
So I wait around on you.

Yo, you gotta let me know.
Is this really going down? ‘Cause I can't hold it in much longer.
And it's so dramatic in a role I'm acting fake like plastic.
Show me your thoughts out loud.
You're trippin' me out, there's no doubt that you're worth it.
I'm down for whatever.
I'm down for whatever.

You're kinda cruel. You know I like it.
This chemistry with you and me can mess with my head.
And I know you want me.
It's torturous when both of us say, 'Let's wait and see.'
Well no more goodbyes tonight.


Welcome to your new distraction.
I know we can make this happen.
You and me, just a little action.
'Cause you're already my new distraction.

You're beautiful and humble, too.
A pair that seems unlikely I've found in you.


Get It Right

Written By: John Tayles

I remember when our eyes first met,
You and I would fall asleep while the sun set.
Tell me why now we're always upset.
Why did it all change? Why did it all change?

I don't want no conversation.
No more five-hour debates when
All we have is complications
Only getting in the way. Only getting in the way.

We break up then get back together.
Argue all the time, we couldn't be better.
I don't wanna call you, then I wanna call you.
I care but I don't want to.
I love you so much, don't love you enough.
A sad, sad sight. We just can't get it right.

I can't see when we fell off track.
Honestly, I feel we can't turn it back.
With my eyes looking this way and that
It can't be the same. No, it can't be the same.


I pick up the phone, call and leave a message.
Three in the morning, tomorrow I'll regret this.
I said too much, never did enough.
I'm a sad, sad sight. I just can't get it right...


JT Unplugged EP (2005)
Thoughts Out Loud LP (2008)
We Are Ready Single (2012)
Living in the Wow LP (coming 2013)