John the 3rd

John the 3rd

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
BandHip Hop

"Trying to continue on the path created by performers such as Classified, Sweatshop Union and any other artist who has been able to show that Canadian Hip-Hop is what Hip-hop should be. It's about the music and the love of creating something worthy." - John the 3rd


From an early age the love of Hip Hop began.
"I remember walking into my sister's room and she was jammin some Wreckx-N-Effect. I remember thinking 'What's this!', and from that point it was on".
Growing up with not much access to hip hop led to a late start in discovering what was really out there and what it was all about. It wasn't until high school when he came across the likes of Method Man, Outkast, Jay-Z, Eminem and many of the other greats when the thoughts began.
"I was all the time thinking 'I wish I could do this' and just leaving it at that."
Never really thinking he had even the remotest chance at being a rapper, John pushed those thoughts away and continued to just enjoy the music. Knowing he possessed the skill and right kind of love for hip hop, that could help him become a great performer, he still was unable to tap into right kind of topics that might spark his creativity for writing. It wasn't until years later when he would discover exactly what he was looking for.
"I was watching MTV one night and the video came on for Sweatshop Union's 'The thing about it'. It was right then that I knew it was time".
Knowing that he'd lacked experience in life for telling stories through song, John had finally figured out a way to express himself through music.
"After listening to Sweatshop's Local 604 album, and the way they shared their opinions about life and the world as a whole, I knew I had some opinions about a few things that people might actually be interested in, so I started writing."
Now, after 10 years of maneuvering life's obstacles, the time has come for John the 3rd to emerge as a new voice in the world of Hip Hop. Attempting to bring a new creative style of lyrical content in an often metaphorical manner, embedded with the smooth flowing beats of Canadian Artist Rayne Drop, John the 3rd delivers a product that may just have you thinking. Not about anything in particular. Just thinking.


The Missing Fire

Written By: John the 3rd

Signs started with the wills of the mystic wire
Lines charted in your mind, possibilities higher
For instances only,
sense the bonely chills
In the stills of the the missing fire.
Chart lines of possibility, let your mind go higher
Start the signs with wills of the mystic wire
Check the instance,
let your senses sense the chills in the stills
of the missing fire


Debut Album Coming Summer 2013!

Set List

Another White Rapper
Fields of Green (F.O.G.)
Open the Coffin
Next Day Rises
The Watchful Eyes (of the 3rd Dimension)
You Gotta
This Shit
The Entertainment Factory
The Missing Fire
Everybody Rise
The Drops Have Fell
The Pink Skulls
The Lucky Charm
By the Light of the Moon
Nobody's Gonna
Last Words
The Way it Spins