John Thibodeaux

John Thibodeaux

 Beaumont, Texas, USA

John Thibodeaux is a refreshing step into the future of country music. A pure blend of hard-hitting, high energy, hard rockin, country. For all of those who think country music is a lesser, duller, more uneventful form of music... buckle up, this is John Thibodeaux.


John was a high energy young man from the start. At a very young age, John grew a deep passion for music. Spending long days practicing and honing his talent for playing instruments, four to be exact, and songwriting.

John started out catching the music bug at the tender age of 7. Entertaining people by the age of 14, John started playing professionally in clubs as a drummer for his dad's cajun, country band. And, like most young people he also played in a highschool Rock band, which by the way played paying gigs in Houston clubs, while the oldest member was 17 years old. After graduating highschool, John joined the Army and his music followed. Forming a band in Georgia, his band was a sought after act by clubs in Georgia and Florida.

After leaving Georgia, John decided to come home to Southeast Texas, home to Tracy Byrd, Clay Walker, George Jones and Janis Joplin. He was a regular guest on the Charlie Pruitts Country Music Show, that showcased Tracy Byrd and Mark Chesnutt before they got there start, held at the Jefferson Theater in Beaumont Texas. He was often selected to appear on T.V. spots to showcase him and advertise the show. He was also voted Entertainer of the Year by the audience, who voted every month in a 12 month period and at the end of the year John had the most votes, he was even voted for on the months he didn't perform.

As a result of his success on the show he was featured in Newspaper articles and was sought after by local area bands.

John Thibodeaux brings not only raw, pure country talent, but he brings honesty, integrity, and an all-american charm to the stage. His fresh, new country sound is greeted with open arms by fans, and his charismatic stage appeal only multiply with every performance. John also prides himself with his songwriting. A current member of BMI, John possesses a fantastic creative writing talent, as evident in his new debut CD "Simple Life".


Basics Of Love

Written By: John Thibodeaux

The Basics of Love
Copyright 2006 John Thibodeaux

I’m sittin’ here at work waiting for the sun to rise
Thinkin bout what happened at home last night
You alone in the bedroom and me watching news
So I had to call you and tell you what I wanna do

I’m gonna clock out and head home right now
We need to fix this thing I’m gonna show you how

We can light a candle put some soft music on
Fan the fire that’s almost gone
Open up your arms girl and I’ll fall into you
We can make some lovin’ that’s long over due
Let’s make it the way that it was
Let’s get back to the basics of love

Lately girl I know I’ve been preoccupied
With makin a livin instead of living my life
But I want you know my heart has never changed
And my love for you will always stay the same

But if there is any doubt that my love is true
There is one thing girl that we always can do

Simple Life

Written By: Mike McQuerry, Steve Waites

Tennesee sun couldn't get any hotter my girl got her feet in the water
she's catching rays I'm catching fish.
I got a bite she's gotta book, she's givin my that little look, man it don't get any better than this.
Can't think of a better way to watch a saturday go by. In the boat with my baby, on a country high.

I love the simple life (livin like I wanna live) And I take one day at a time (as many as the lord will give) this world keeps spinnin' round but in this little town time stands still, and I love it, Livin the simple life.

People like us don't get in a hurry life's a trip we injoy the journey, folks take time to watch it rain.
Slow paced, kicked back, yea baby that's where it's at and I got no plans to ever change.
And I thank God for this country where I can be the man I am.
I free to go to church on sunday and I'm an Alabama fan.

repeat chorus

Now I ain't knockin no fast paced life style some people love to lead.
I'm just sayin' wakin' up by a campfire is a little more my speed, yea baby that's what I'm talkin bout'

repeat chorus

Doin' Time In Texas

Written By: Mike McQuerry, David Reed, Dennis Holmes

I step off the porch and shade that blinding sun with my hand
I can feel the heat reminding me where I am.
I told her I'd wait here till she returns. I never knew how long that would be, you live and learn.

Im doin' time in Texas. No prison walls in sight.
Only wide open spaces, Still I'm trapped inside. The minutes seem like days to this weary man. I'm lonely, heartbroke, and restless tell me where's the justice, doin' time in Texas.

She said it's no ones fault your dreams aren't the same as mine
I need to find myself, I just need a little time. The girl I knew never been west of El Paso. I hear she's in L.A. now and I'm all alone, alone in San Antone

repeat chorus

Now I have to convince myself, that
she's really gone. Untill I do there is no escape from this place that was once our home.

repeat chorus

Doin' hard time in Texas.


Professional debut CD "Simple Life" recorded at Beaird Music Group, Nashville, TN