John Thompson

John Thompson


John Thompson is a 12 year old Country Western Singer and Guitarist. Performing live since he was 5 years old with just his guitar, John has fired up audiences for national acts like Grand Ole Opry superstar Hal Ketchum and the Queen of Hearts herself, Juice Newton.


John has loved music since before he could walk. While riding in his car seat on “family Drives” he would start humming along to the country tunes coming from the radio, when the radio was turned off John would continue to hum in perfect harmony.

When he was only four, he was singing a country tune while in shopping mall and a music teacher from the local University was so amazed she turned to his mother and told her “ you must do something with that talent“. John tried out for a school talent show at
age 5. He strummed a toy guitar while singing along to a Tracy Lawrence CD, ( Lessons Learned.) Half way through the song a person in the front row yelled give this kid a mic, he is really singing! On that advice his family did.

The next time the talent show came along John played his real guitar and sang without a CD, he brought the house down! John was such a hit that a local Entertainment Company, Freeman Entertainment ask if he would like to play at the County Fair, they gave him 15 minute to do his stuff. Again he was a hit. He began to get more requests for other venues.

The big deal came when he was hired by the Island County Fair in 2003 to perform for the 15 minutes just prior to the main act, Hal Ketchum. He did so well that they hired him for the next year where he was to warm up the crowd prior to the main event, Juice Newton. This time he had to fill half and hour, he preformed like kid possessed! Juice Newton’s band watched his performance and were amazed . They couldn’t believe this little 10 year old kid could pull it off. John has gained experience by playing at a number of local events and continues to donate his time and talent for charity work.

John has a love of music that shows in all his shows. He listens to country and rock, oldies and hip hop! Its the music that he likes, all kinds! He especially likes it if its got a jamming guitar in it.
John has been exposed to music through out his life from the likes of Hank Williams and Alan Jackson to bands like Rush and the Who and everything in between. He has seemed to settle his likes on Country and Rock with a bluegrass hint to it. But his ears are always open to a good beat.



Set List

I think she likes me

She thinks my tractors sexy

Tennessee river run

Lookin out my back door


Chicks dig it

Cotton Fields

I wanna get to ya

Man of constant sorrow

Snake song

Days go by

Pray for the fish

Get a hair cut and get a real job

Duct tape man (original)

Dock of the Bay