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"john tinger's "everything coincidental""

John Tinger “Everything Coincidental" 2008

Finger-style guitarist who inspired John Tinger include Alex Degrassi and Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, Francisco Tarrega and Ed Gerhard. The guitar music of John Tinger has quite a few similarities to these virtuoso acoustic guitarists, who had a major role in expanding and creating more experimental and soulful guitar music. The guitar music of John Tinger, comes straight from his heart, it seems like he is painting soundscapes on a musical painted canvas. The moods are as well soulful, intimate as touching ones inner force. John Tinger plays just as his great inspirers in altered tunings to have a wider palette of musical possibilities to create several different moods. You just can't pick out a song to discuss as it are all imaginary painted roads coming from his heart. The CD has 13 cuts and all are played with fantastic skills on his steel-string guitar. A wonderful album to calm ones mind and get out of this stressful life.

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LP: "Everything Coincidental"

as of 2/2/08, i put up a few of my new pieces. a prayer for 'lisa, amber,and disconnected. my piece,"Erhodes", was selected by Acoustic Fuel to be put on a compilation CD. . also, my music has been chosen to be placed in a library of music for a major film/television licensing company.



i am a former rock musician who has truly discovered his musical inspiration in the solo, ambient acoustic realm. a deep spiritual connection to life and its many wonders has led me to follow the path i have chosen with my music.the more mainstream associations of my past were a slight disillusionment, and the present is where i have truly discovered where i am musically,as both a person and an artist. my compositions are not solely for myself but for the spirit of others as well.i would be glad to know that others feel the same healing effect from my music that i feel when i listen to my primary inspirations(alex degrassi, will ackerman,eric, tingstad,muriel andersen,stephen bennett, ed gerhard, and the list goes on!)

"John Tinger's new instrumental guitar CD ,"Everything Coincidental",is an inspiring collection of original works. The cutting edge playing techniques and special tunings guide the music and touch the soul. I love to listen when i want to be creative myself!"

Greg Atkin- president, strum and comfort

I have also recently started doing house concerts, if anyone is interested!!