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John T Savino


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"Your Beauty"

Written By: John T Savino

You're a beautiful friend,
and your special to.
And I thank the Lord,
for the friendship of you.
Going for coffee,
we talked and we laughed.
For we'll never give up,
on our feelings in the past.
Even though the time has past,
and we haven't spoken for a while
I can still see your beauty;
your eyes,
and your smile.
I still remember the things we did
in the past,
for in my heart it will always last.
And even though your away from
the door,
your the lady I'll always love and
Now we drifted away,
but what could I say.
For this is what you wanted,
to end it this way.
And even though,
this is your style.
I'll always remember;
your beauty,
your eyes....
and your smile.