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"MidPoint Music Festival Review"

New York singer/songwriter John Tumminello pours a number of powerful ingredients into his sound and his debut album, Eventually, from the surging electric swell of Rock from America's heartland to the quiet acoustic reflection of Folk balladry. This range serves as the soundtrack for his songs, equally stretched along the spectrum between hope and hopelessness, love and loss, self-actualization and self-doubt.

Dig It: John Mellencamp, John Mayer, Tom Petty, hearts on sleeves, guitars in hand - Cincinnati Beat


"Still Crazy (In Love With You)" was awarded's prestigious "TRACK OF THE DAY" after receiving 5 stars (out of 5) in its initial round of reviews.

"Still Crazy (In Love With You)" was awarded "TRACK OF THE WEEK" for the weeks of 5/10/04 and 12/27/04!

Top 10 hit on's Americana and Folk/Country charts

#24 song of All-Time on GarageBand's Americana charts

Honorable Mention in the 2004 Great American Songwriting contest - GARAGEBAND.COM


#34 Early Adopters Indie Chart -


"Mix between Bob Dylan and John Mayer"

- Anivas, Tampa, Florida

"Goo Goo Dolls meets Mellencamp meets Collective Soul"

- 1300 South, Seattle Washington -


"Porsche with the top down. Opens up with a bang. And it just gets better."

- Zakilo, Bartlesville, Oklahoma -


"If amazing lyrics are what you look for in music, look no further than John Tumminello's "eventually". This album captures moments in everyone's life and puts them to music in such a way that the songs stick with you long after the CD has stopped playing. A very impressive debut album that leaves the listener wanting more... from oneself. When a songwriter can inspire you to make the most out of your own life, it doesn't get any better than that!" -


"John's music is one of the better examples of what independent music can be. Strong songwriting combined with exceptional production and musicianship. If you're tired of the same old garbage day after day coming out of established music channels, give indie-music a try. John's music is a great place to start."

- Guy K.

- Guy K.


"Such warmth and generous beats are totally irresistible"

- Libby, New York -

"KDHX, ST Louis"

"John Tumminello has crafted one of the finest debut albums I have heard
in a very long time. Filled with great songwriting, beautiful ballads and
driving rockers, "Eventually" is the one album every serious music fan
should have in their collection!" - Pat Wolfe, DJ


Rating – 8 (out of 10)

John Tumminello may not be a household name right now like McCartney or Lennon but this fine effort will “Eventually” get under your skin like it did mine and remind you of some of the pop gems the Fab Four churned out during their heyday. Industry folks looking for new and fresh talent should have a serious look at this artist.

Tumminello has a strong pop-rock sensibility and he plays and sings intuitively, making his music and lyrics so enjoyable and addicting that you have no choice but to submit to those often-ignored pleasure zones in your brain.

All of this music is radio ready pop tunes that will bring forth thoughts of long summer days and the warm breezes of youth. Sweet as those thoughts may be this man finds himself in a huge pool of artists trying to carve the very same niche for themselves in the world of Indie music. So what separates this guy from the pack? He primarily he has great music to offer, but his experience and knowledge of the business will help to take him to the next level. With all this happening you would think being successful is a sure thing…nothing is a sure thing in the music business. One thing you can count on is that this man has a good head start.

Perhaps some words from the leadoff track “Here I Am” will give you example of what a poignant artist he is…

Let me into the place, Where your shattered soul resides, Give me all the love you kept bottled up inside, Give me all the love you kept, you kept

Here I am, Where are you, In this life we cannot choose, Who we love or who we lose, Here I am

Emotive and well thought lyrics to say the least, not lyrical content that is senseless babbling, it’s all heartfelt emotion set to highly energetic power pop. It will set your senses reeling and coming back for more. My hunger for music with substance and depth is satisfied temporarily listening to albums like this, although I find it necessary to reach back and draw from the well frequently, hence playing a CD like this five or six times within a few days is commonplace. Yes indeed, you will not feel that you are a “Half a Mile from Happiness” while listening to this music. This is a strong set of songs with above average production qualities.

Everyone needs a little poetry in his or her life to make each day more meaningful, let John Tumminello personally deliver his music to your heart, you will “Eventually” find your way home.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
- keith hanneleck,


"Eventually" - Aug 2004
"The Road To Somewhere" - 2007

Several tracks from "eventually" received airplay on over 70 college and public radio stations across the country!

"Still Crazy (In Love With You)" went Top 10 on Americana Charts (12/04 - 1/04)


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Eventually is the finest debut effort I've heard in quite some time." David Agosta, Dr. Dave's Traveling Medicine Show, WPKN, Bridgeport, CT

Life is complicated. It's easy to get so wrapped up in our daily problems that sometimes, it seems there's no escape. The antidote is to spend 39 minutes with John Tumminello.

John is the latest in the generation of New American storytellers. Embracing artists of the past and present, he joins the ranks of John Mellencamp, Tom Petty and John Mayer with his own powerful and emotionally dynamic American Heartland music - music which serves as both a mirror on our lives and a door to escape through.

From intimate ballads to memorable pop rock songs, John's range of musical stories takes us on a journey through the ups and downs in life and those sometimes-forgotten moments in between.

In his debut album, Eventually, John covers the gamut, from everything good in our lives to the problems we create for ourselves. In his own words, John explores the aspects of life we all can relate to: lifelong friendships, unrequited love, self-doubt, and the joy that music brings to our lives. In the song Here I Am, he introduces his personal views of love. John believes that people come and go in our lives, and sometimes we just can't help who we fall in love with - or out of love with. Love is a mystery. We can destroy it with words, or with actions. And sometimes we destroy it without ever knowing how or why.

John's philosophy carries over to the moving ballad, Still Crazy (In Love With You). Using Elvis Presley as a backdrop, the piece is a haunting look back at the time we spend torturing ourselves about the path we have chosen in life. those paralyzing moments of self-doubt that prevent us from doing what we want, or need, to do.

Which leads us to Eventually - a quest for that moment in life when we finally decide to believe in ourselves and pursue our personal calling. That moment of exhilaration, of challenge, when we are ready to move past fear and start living life for ourselves. John has taken this leap of faith
personally, and he invites all of us to do the same.

John Tumminello is a rare artist because his vision of life and what is important in it is not restricted to music. Whether we're sitting alone at home or driving down the highway with the top rolled down, John's moving words and irresistible melodies remind us that we are in control of life's challenges. We are the ones who decide where we will Eventually end up

John Tumminello was awarded GARAGEBAND.COM's TRACK OF THE DAY on 4/19/04 and 12/23/04 TRACK OF THE WEEK on 5/10/04 and 12/27/04 for his beautiful ballad "Still Crazy (In Love With You)."

"Still Crazy" reaches the "Top 10" on's Americana and Folk/Country charts. "Still Crazy" reaches the #24 song of All-Time on GarageBand's Americana charts.

"Still Crazy (In Love With You)" was awarded Honorable Mention in SongPrize International Songwriting Competition - 5/04

"Here I Am" selected for "Buy Indie Music 2" Compilation CD - 6/04

"Here I Am" recieves Honorable Mention in Billboard World Song Contest - 10/04

"Summer's Over" featured on Triple A Radio Sampler 15 - 8/04

"Still Crazy" receives Honorable mention in The Great American Songwriting contest - 3/05

Tracks from "eventually" received airplay on 70 college and AAA radio stations across the US - from Maine to Alaska, with heavy play in the Midwest, Northeast and West.

[Member - ASCAP, Americana Music Association, Nashville Songwriters Association]