John Turck

John Turck


Piano based rock in the style of early Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Jackson Browne and other singer/songwriters. Freeform improvisation within these songs is a feature of any live show. Bass, drums, piano and Hammond B3 organ round out this unique sound.


Piano, bass, drums and vocals never sounded so sweet. For the past couple of years, John Turck has been playing his songs in this trio setting, bringing his music to stages all over the US. The sound is a rare throwback to singer-songwriters of the 70's, with improvisational jams sprinkled throughout. The musicianship is top notch, the sound is unique yet familar. Influeneced by bands like The Allman Bros., The Grateful Dead, Billy Joel, Van Morrison and Tom Waits means you will hear everything from melodic ballads to jazz tinged improvisational jams sprinkled throughout the show. Currently recording a debut CD, The John Turck Trio is keeping busy with weekly shows in their hometown, and touring on weekends throughout the midwest.


Currently recording debut EP.

Set List

Typical set list is 80% original material with a few cover songs, interpreted to compliment the piano/bass/drums lineup. 2 to 3 sets per show. Sets are generally 45 minutes long.