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John Walsh Composer

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Albert Einstein called John Walsh, "the musical genius". If you like Beatles, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams, Maroon 5...and if you like a little music in your music...You will enjoy John Walsh Composer. Catchy, moving music wrapped around clever poignant lyrics.


John Walsh Composer

You might recognize Award Winning Composer John Walsh as America’s Most Wanted Entertainer of the Year. Or it could be from that pub in Ireland, TV show in Brazil or outdoor concert in Germany.

For the last 35 years John Walsh has entertained audiences worldwide wide performing for no less than the President & Vice President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Israel and Albert Einstein who referred to Walsh as “…the musical genius…”. Recently in Las Vegas he brought the house down at the Bellagio’s VIP New Year’s Eve Show.

Walsh weaves well-crafted pop/rock songs with symphonic transitions to present an incredible musical experience. John’s seemingly effortless mastery of the piano is the perfect compliment to his one in a million voice.

Hailing from Chino, CA, Walsh began playing guitar at the age of 8, did his first professional gig at 10, picked up the piano at 12, and by the time he turned 18, had composed, performed and produced an album of original songs, singing all the parts, playing all the instruments and even designing the cover. Busy decade. He started his full time performing career at age 19 playing at bars and events as a solo act and with groups. Entertaining up to 7 nights a week provided the perfect opportunity for learning how to work a crowd. His solid musicianship and dynamic stage presence have endeared him to thousands of audiences in the US and beyond.

John Walsh is currently promoting his latest CD, “American Composer” with a series of live performances and events in and around the Southern California area. If you like a little music in your music, check out John Walsh Composer.



Written By: John Walsh


Nothing is real, ‘cept that which you feel
Everything else is a prop
No one can stop you and nothing ever will
And that which you dream, though distant it seems
Is constantly calling you near
Here’s what you do to hear it: BE PERFECTLY STILL

Everything is gonna be ok, everyone is gonna be alright
Look for wonderful & wicked days
And more comfortable & lonely nights
We’ll have people living under the ocean
And farmers still bailing hay
Everything is gonna be ok

Quarter to 10, you’re at it again
Sippin’ your old special friend
Thought this was going to end last night
A knock on the door, you’ve heard it before
And fear that you’ll hear it again


Reach, don’t you ever stop your reaching
Teach with the things that you do
The beach holds the answers we are seeking
Healthy souls grow old in the absence of war
Now is the time to live like never before
Come around tomorrow & we'll do it some more…

© 2003 John Walsh 949.500.1808

Best Game In Town

Written By: John Walsh

I’ve seen so many changes in my lifetime
And there are things that stay the same
I’ve wrestled fate and walked a thin line
Then I’ve stayed in bed for several days
If you’re wondering where did the day go
You’re kicking yourself too hard
If you’re burst of inspiration’s a no show
The fire just might need fanning

Gather ‘round, hear that sound
You have found the best game in town
How ya feel? Keepin’ it real?
So seal the deal, you’re the best game in town

So you don’t have the abs of a pop star
But you’re Bollywood bound or bust
Everyone & God knows you deserve it
But the rain, it doesn’t favor the just
Get yourself a home near the valley
Something nice not far from the coast
Divvy up your hard earned tally
Make yourself the most of it


You feel a little like a martyr
But the drama’s warm and soothing
Maybe you and Jimmy Carter
Could build me a house


©2004 John Walsh 949-500-1808


Written By: John Walsh

In Northern Ireland
There’s a plot of earth where silently sleeps
Nothing less than heritage
And all the dazzling secrets that she keeps

Is it my lack of integrity that keeps me far away?

And when the rain comes down in June
You know that something’s askew
A common name
A familiar tune and suddenly old is new

Is it my lack of integrity that keeps me far away?

Is this what you’ve been waiting for
You’ve been waiting
Is this what you’ve been waiting for
You’ve been waiting long enough

A stolen glance, a quick embrace
And to thine own self be true
It’s the final dance
I see your face and want to share it with you

Is it our lack of integrity that keeps us far away?

© 2003 949.500.1808


John Walsh: American Composer
Released: 2004

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