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john weinland


John Weinland focuses on song-writing before all other things. The best records, our favorite musicians and the acts we go to see all have one thing in common, good song-writing. We write good songs. Our audiences are people who expect more from their music.


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John Weinland is a band, not a man.

My name is John Adam Weinland Shearer. John is my father's name, and Weinland is my mother's maiden name. I took on this song-writing alias in 2001.

In 2003 I started to sell a self-produced vinyl album of songs that I had recorded in my bedroom. The songs were sort of lonely country songs with rhythm sections built out of drum loops and kitchen utensils. My dad played harmonica on one song. He complained that he was better when he was my age. That record got a 4 star review from our local alternative culture paper, The Portland Mercury. Then randomly 2 years later Portland's largest, and more prestigious, cultural paper, The Willamette Week, contacted me about the album. They found it on the internet... and they listened to it. Their music editor, Mark Baumgarten, wrote a half page about the record in their paper. They said it was brilliant. I felt good.

Then our band played its first midsize-venue show at Portland's Doug Fir Lounge. Because of the article, 250 people showed up on a weeknight for the opening act. A man in a suit handed me a business card, I sold more records that night than I had in 2 years, I met the person who would later record our first full band record (Demersville) and I feel in love with Portland's music community.

In July 2006 we will start to sell our new record, "Demersville," at our shows. This record, was engineered and co-produced by Adam Selzer and mastered by SAE Mastering. The name Demersville comes from home. It is a place that no longer exists, just as the songs on the record are all uniquely about things that no longer exist. I went to Demersville as a child to do crayon rubbings, on wax-paper, of the gravestones in the Demersville Cemetery. The Cemetery is all that is left of what was originally supposed to be our hometown.

Our band is great. We care about our music, our community and the opportunities we are given.

We have shared the stage with Rainer Maria, Ambullet, Norfolk and Western, Small Sails, Tracker, Loch Lomond and many more.

We are:

Adam Shearer - I work for a large nonprofit that serves abused and neglected children
Aaron Pomerantz - I too work for a large nonprofit that serves abused and neglected children
Rory Brown - I work in the service industry and study graphic design
Ian Lyles - I am the Concert Lighting Director for Portland's Crystal Ballroom and do freelance lighting as well
Paul Christenson - I work in ceramics and a classically trained pianist
Alia Farah - I am a classically trained piano and voice teacher


Demersville: July 2006

-Recorded at Type Foundry Studios by Adam Selzer (has recorded for Norfolk and Western, M.Ward, The Decemberists, etc.)
-Produced by John Weinland. Co-Produced by Adam Selzer
-Features amazing donated guest appearances by several brilliant Portland Musicians, including Adam Selzer (Norfolk and Western, M.Ward) and Rachel Blumberg (Norfolk and Western, M.Ward, and formerly The Decemberists)

Possible single, "Piles of Clothes," has already started to show up on blog compilations. charted the song in their top 100.
MP3's can be heard at

john weinland vinyl: 2004

-Home recorded and pressed onto vinyl
-4 star review in Portland Mercury
-Called "Brilliant" and said to contain "Near Perfect Pop Songs" by The Willamette Week
-Regular airplay on KABOO radio in Portland
-Charted #5 in Two Louies Magazine for top 10 in Northwest (remained in top ten for several months)

Set List

A typical set is 45 minutes to an hour.
A typical set will contain from 7 to 12 songs, full band and acoustic depending on environment and intention.

We are an all original band. We have only done covers on very specific occasions and by choice, not request.