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"John Welton"

A song is still dancing in my head as my feet work to keep up with the tune. It’s one of those rhythms that get into your head and you want it to stay. The tune? Molecules by singer/songwriter, John Welton.

With his precise and excited guitar playing, he keeps the club rocking and the space jam-packed. The atmosphere he inspires is one of dancing, fun and inspiration with his unique blend of Jam Band and Adult Contemporary sound. Soulful yet funky, insightful and inspiring, John Welton not only speaks to your melodic soul; he speaks to your mind with his lyrics. He encompasses political issues, spirituality, human causes and love won and lost.

His song Molecules states:

“Isn’t it cool that we’re all molecules, interconnected and hand selected by the Creator…whoever she is..”

I was so impressed by his ability to embrace feminism and spirituality while I watched as all the men in the crowd sang every word! Welton’s music goes above and beyond in its message. Interpersonally, you can see this is a man on a special journey, and that journey is to inspire other’s through song.

As you listen to more of his extensive library of music, you will see that Welton is in touch with the current political mood of our nation and that it is one that needs improvement through humanitarian reform. In “The World Today”, Welton states:

“Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? Why are there metal detectors in the elementary schools?”

His message? That life is to be lived with love and passion and the refusal to ignore the current state of our nation and the classes it encompasses. Through the myriad of political smoke we are fed daily, Welton is able to define and clarify what it all means with his music. I am reminded of a bygone era when singers sang with passion and conviction and truly cared about people, not just the wealth their talent could provide them. Welton is one of those musicians who care passionately about humanity and it’s many plights.

Music is transcendent and John Welton has found a way to take you on a spiritual and intellectual journey while making your body spontaneously burst into joyful dance. Welton’s music enraptures a listener. His already rabid fan bases love him and respect him as a best friend. His interaction with the crowd is sincere and honest. The performance style is intimate, yet has the feel of a stadium show bringing back memories to the hey day of the Grateful Dead. He truly enjoys making his fans happy and promotes sincerity, honesty and a passion for song and life that no one can deny once they have had the John Welton experience.

Karen Morris is a freelance journalist/novelist and married mother of three boys, Karen resides in South West Ohio. She enjoys reading, writing and recently became the host of K's Frame of Mind, on BlogTalkRadio. Karen's work is frequently published by up and coming Internet Magazines such as The Blue,, and Associated She is a frequent contributor to her highly read blog and enjoys higher education pursuits, as well.

Karen is an active Women's Advocate and member of P.A.C.E, a group to help build equality between non-custodial and custodial parents of divorce.

- Karen S. Morris: Reviews in Entertainment

"Welton's Audiences Connect & Smile"

John Welton is an amazing entertainer with a natural talent for creative songwriting. Connecting with his audience from the start, John has a knack for uniting people with his music, making everyone comfortable and feeling as if they are part of the show. The audience is left satisfied and smiling. - Evan Kelley: Owner/Director, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park


John Welton & Friends @ The Oasis (live show)~2007
John Welton Old and New~2007
John Welton's Reefer Gladness~2006

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Feeling a bit camera shy


John Welton is always a crowd pleaser. He has the twin gifts of music and human warmth, which he shares freely with all.

The desire to create powerful, life- or even world-changing music is the driving force behind every song John has ever written. This includes both serious "message" lyrics, and those songs that are written to make people smile or laugh in the moment. John's live performances always include impromptu comedic moments spurred by his close and caring attention to his audience. He includes his listeners in a fashion that just plain makes them feel good about themselves - - and about the world. His goal is to generate musical experiences that take the listeners on a journey through the "ocean of emotions" to arrive at their destination together feeling as though they have all received a dose of musical medicine.

John's innate musical talent lends itself to a variety of sound and emotion. He fully entertains with solo acoustic gigs, rehearsed electric band sound, and incredible jam sessions with musicians from all over the music scene. He does not travel with a band, but has numerous professional band members "on call" for venues looking for a full band sound and energy. People tend to just get up and dance, whether it's just John, or John Welton & Friends on the stage.

John comes from a very musical family. He was "born musical" according to his mother, who adds that in his toddler years "rock and roll concerts with pots and pans and brooms for instruments were not uncommon." By the ripe age of five, John knew every word to most Eagles and CSN&Y songs, and often fell asleep next to the speakers while his parents spent time with their friends.

In 1995, John found the Iguanahead Family, a close group of people who threw music festivals at Bear Creek Amphitheater in the mid 90's. It was then that John fell in love with the jam band scene. For the next three years, John played percussion in quite a few bands and was exposed to many styles of music, from funk to reggae, folk to zydeco, and many other genres. This experience shaped his very percussive style of guitar playing. With Willy Mac Music, a three-piece band consisting of Willy Mac, Rick Wilsterman, and himself, John learned how to harmonize and really "put it out there" vocally.

Over the years John Welton's songwriting and singing have continued to inspire new fans from all over the globe. He has developed a universal and timeless sound with a very powerful message that appeals to a wide range of music lovers. He is a prolific and relevant songwriter; some of the first songs that John wrote eleven years ago are still very popular amongst both his new and old fans. John's music tends to be very personal and contains images that affect and improve peoples' lives.

John Welton is an entertainer; he doesn't just play to his audience, he engages and involves them in the joy of the moment. His lyrics "there would be no song without you" are heartfelt.

John has shared the stage with many exceptional musical acts including Richie Havens, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Sam Bush, the David Grisman Quintet, Dark Star Orchestra, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Airto Moreira, Ekoostik Hookah, Keller Williams, Rusted Root, The Recipe, Carlos Jones & the Plus Band, Little Feat, Boombox, Donna the Buffalo, Wookiefoot, Sultans of Bing, Burning River Band, Melvin Seals, Victor Wooten, Wish You Were Here, Railroad Earth, Bernie Worrell, Phil Keagy, Leftover Salmon, Jerry Garcia Band, and many more.

John will tour with The Recipe ( in early 2007, with a new studio and a live CD release to follow.

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