John Westover

John Westover



John Westover is a 25 year-old Ohio native that started playing guitar at the tender age of eleven. He left his labors on the electric guitar for the natural purity of the acoustic. Purified and simplified has been his theme, however, his music is guitar driven. His crooning vocals are the natural compliment to his relaxed, spiritual, full bodied guitar playing.

John Westover's thoughtful songs are straightforward, with a voice to match, but it is his brilliantly sharp guitar-work that ignites the tunes. He adds flavor by relying on his unmistaken sense of what’s needed to bring out the story behind the song. The end result is a sound, rich in texture and variety.

Captivating his listeners, drawing them into the stories he sings, giving them the feeling that they’re sharing the warmth of the moment by his fireside: these are John’s strengths. Young or old, it’s impossible to resist as he spins tales of the human spirit.

John Westover is a brilliant, charismatic singer/songwriter who is hungry for success. John has an incredibly strong fan base. His fans realize that his music is a story that open doorways to the imagination, being a powerful force that will make you explore your inner creativity and awareness of self and others.

John plays, writes and feels his music with a unique passion, while showing his work to be vibrant, full of craft and of life. His flexible performance style makes him a natural for everything from intimate house concert or clubs to the main stages of festivals. His soulful laments, relaxed stage presence and gift for storytelling combine to make John's concerts ‘must see’ events.


"Living Room Sessions" Due out in Mid-November 2004.

Set List

60-90 set of original songs, with some suprise covers. Mostly, if not all are originals.