John Wicks and Paul Collins

John Wicks and Paul Collins

 Summerfield, North Carolina, USA

At the height of their popularity John Wicks and Paul Collins were no strangers to the Billboard charts, appearing on The Midnight Special and American Bandstand with classic songs like Starry Eyes and Rock N Roll Girl. They take their guitars and trunk full of memorable songs from town to town.


The classic powerpop band The Beat was founded by
Paul Collins, who spent his pre-teens living in Greece,
Vietnam and Europe before returning to his native New York.
He studied at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music and
eventually moved to San Francisco where he joined songwriter
Jack Lee and bassist Peter Case to form The Nerves in 1974.
The Nerves proved to be one of the pioneers of the burgeoning
US punk rock scene, independentnly releasing their own 4
song EP which included the classic “Hanging On The
Telephone”, later to become a hit for Blondie.
After The Nerves disbanded in 1977, Collins moved to L.A.
and formed The Beat with basist Steve Huff, drummer Mike Ruiz,
and lead guitarist Larry Whitman. Their friend Eddie Money
recommended The Beat for management by legendary concert
promotor Bill Graham. Under new management, The Beat toured
with The Police, The Jam and Joe Jackson. They also made
numerous TV appearances and recorded their debut self-titled
album with producer Bruce Botnick (who had produced The
Doors). The album featured Beatles and Byrds influenced
guitars and catchy choruses, defining the skinny-tied power
pop which The Knack took to the charts. In the 90’s, The Beat
re-formed as Paul Collins’ Beat and continue to write and tour.

John Wicks is a singer/songwriter and producer, working
with numerous artists worldwide. Wicks is best known as the
lead singer and songwriter from U.K. powerpop band
The Records, who formed in London in 1978 having risen from
the ashes of the Kursaal Flyers during the 1977 punk rock
As a British powerpop/classic rock band, The Records
recorded three albums for Virgin Records: “Shades In Bed”/
“The Records” (1979), “Crashes”” (1980), and “Music On Both
Sides” (1982). Their first album, produced by Mutt Lange and
Tim Friese-Greene reached #41 on the Billboard chart in the
U.S. - spawning the classic hit single, “Starry Eyes”.
The Records lasted through the punk era and into the new
wave scene, headlining tours and opening for a wide variety of
acts including The Cars, Robert Palmer, Elvis Costello, The Jam,
and Joe Jackson - before finally disbanding in 1982.
The songs of John Wicks have been recorded by 1960’s
British invasion band The Searchers, Mary Chapin Carpenter,
Too Much Joy, Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, and numerous
other artists.
Today, John Wicks and The Records continue to record
new albums and tour worldwide.


John Wicks:
The Records - Virgin 1979
Crashes - Virgin 1980
Music On Both Sides - Virgin 1982
Rotate - Kool Kat Musik 2007

Paul Collins:
The Beat - CBS Records 1979
The Kids Are The Same - CBS Records 1980
One Night - Twins/Closer 1989
Paul Collins - Sony 1992
From Town To Town - Wagon Wheel 1993
Flying High - Get Hip 2007
Ribbon of Gold - Rock Indiana 2008

Set List

Here's a "standard" set list although each show is a bit different and when the boys start swapping stories anything can happen and usual does!
You Tore Me Down (Homage to The Flaming Groovies)
Hearts In Her Eyes
That's What Life Is All About
King Midas In Reverse
Hearts Will Be Broken
Ribbon of Gold
Her Stars Are My Stars
Different Kind of Girl
Teen A Rama
Many Roads To Follow (The Nerves)
Rock n Roll Girl
Starry Eyes